Bout feat. Ivar Lisinski – Eagles

Bout, Northern Italy’s rising duo, are back with another astonishing track. This time around, the two producers take their talents to Max Vangeli’s label NoFace Records to release their uplifting new single titled “Eagles“, which features vocals from singer Ivar Lisinski.

Since their debut in early 2016, Bout have continuously ascended toward the higher ranks of the dance music scene. The Italian pair first caught fans’ attention after entering the Spinnin’ Records Talent Pool for their productions “For You” and “Love Me Mad”.

Afterwards, Bout kept their momentum going with impressive releases on major record labels such as Flamingo Recordings and Big & Dirty Recordings. Possessing such top-notch production quality, their tracks have been supported by some of the industry’s most prominent names such as Martin Garrix, David Guetta, Don Diablo, and Oliver Heldens.

Now Bout have signed with NoFace Records to release their latest single called “Eagles”. Featuring a superb blend of deep house and tropical house elements, this track provides a euphoric listening experience from start to finish.

“Eagles” also soothes the ears with its astounding melodies and catchy beats. Especially with the addition of Ivar Lisinski’s vocals, this record delivers the feel-good vibes that are perfect for any event during the summer season.

The track is out now on NoFace Records and you can check out an exclusive interview with Bout below.

What first inspired you to create dance music, and who were your early influences?

We’ve always been attracted by disco/funk music and all the vibes of that period. That’s why you can always find those groovy feelings in our stuff. We really love swinging!

Your tracks have been backed by huge names such as Martin Garrix and Don Diablo – How does it feel to get support from artists like that?

Honestly we couldn’t expect that kind of support we received so far. Seeing huge names supporting our music is what keep us focused and determined in building our career.

How do you see the future of dance music? What direction do you think the sound is heading in?

We think (and maybe hope) that the future of EDM will be always more influenced by those cool housey-funky vibes that inspires us and our music. That could be the best direction so far!

Your latest release with Ivar Lisinski is called “Eagles” – How did this collaboration come about?

We discovered him thanks to the awesome vocals he wrote for Emelie Cyréus on Armada and immediately we wanted to collab with him. Eagles was born on a super topline written and sung by Ivar himself and we think the result is really fresh and cool. But expect even more from this collaboration with him in the next future!

In our last interview, you stated you had lots of “new pop-oriented music” in the pipeline for 2017 – Can you give us any details on these future releases?

As just said, we’re working with Ivar and Emelie on other strong records and we have a lot of vocal tracks on the go. That’s our direction and that’s what we love to release. We think vocal pop-ish track is the best way to express our art at the moment. All of these tracks have powerful meanings for us and we can’t wait to share them with all of you!

Much of your music has terrific piano melody elements to it, what inspires this kind of sound for you?

Andrea is a classically trained pianist and Stefano have always loved to play his guitar with catchy melodies and dope chords progressions so it was pretty natural to work on that direction. This is our approach to music: acoustic instruments, live played ideas and vocals.

Finally, with festival season approaching, what would be your dream festival stage to play on?

Actually our first goal is to share our music with as many people as possible and spread our feelings with everyone out there. After that, every festival is a cool opportunity for us to bring our music out of our studio!