The Chainsmokers – Memories…Do Not Open [Album Review]

It has been building as one of the most hotly anticipated albums of the year, and finally the time has come for The Chainsmokers to release “Memories…Do Not Open”. Judging from the singles we had already heard such as “Paris” and “Something Just Like This”, it was expected to be far more pop-leaning than typical the typical EDM output, and this proves to be the case. What is surprising is how frequently Drew Taggart features as the lead vocalist, having only sang for the first time on “Closer”.

Alongside the previous chart-toppers that have seen The Chainsmokers dominate the radio airwaves over the past few months, the new tracks on the album include collaborations with Emily Warren, Louane, Jhene Aiko, and Florida-Georgia Line. Renowned for their catchy lyrics, this is evident throughout as their unique songwriting skills come to the forefront. Stand out tracks include “Don’t Say” and “My Type”, mainly due to the raw emotion and atmosphere that is created through the combination of soothing vocals, acoustic instruments and metallic synths. In similar style, and certainly not your typical dance track by any means, “The One” is also ambient and atmospheric in nature, and many tracks offer a breath of fresh air in today’s era of hard-hitting bass lines and heavy kicks.

Much of the album sees the duo moving away from their signature future bass sound, and who knows if we will see them return to their dance music roots that cemented them as one of the industry’s biggest names. Although many of the tracks are not likely to be setting mainstages alight, it is almost guaranteed to be flooding the radio airwaves over the coming weeks and months. It is inspiring to see the pair step out the comfort zone and push the boundaries of their production skills. Chainsmoker fans that have enjoyed their recent string of releases are sure to thoroughly enjoy “Memories…Do Not Open”, whilst those who have been following their career over the past number of years may be surprised at how much their music has changed from their previous work, and may be likely to pass on this latest offering.

Stream the album in full below.