The Chainsmokers perform “Paris” and “Break Up Every Night” on Saturday Night Live

Following the release of their debut studio album ‘Memories… Do Not Open’, The Chainsmokers took center stage and performed during one of the top American television shows Saturday Night Live. During the late-night show, the New York based duo provided a small glimpse of what their upcoming tour has in stored by performing two of their songs “Paris” and “Break Up Every Night”.

The performances featured Drew Taggart as the main vocalist and Alex Pall as the keyboardist, with two more artists on the keyboard, three female singers, and Matt McGuire as the drummer. The Chainsmokers’ appearance also make them the first electronic dance music act to have ever performed live on SNL.

The Chainsmokers first performed their song “Paris”, which sounds fairly different from the original song due to the added drums, synths, and effects. Especially with Vincent’s remix fused in, their performance is a far cry from how they usually entertain the crowd.

The second song they performed was “Break Up Every Night”, which focused more on Taggart’s vocals along with McGuire’s drumming. With elements from rock and electronic, this performance provided much more energy and showcased the dynamic side of The Chainsmokers.

Check out the performances below and you can still purchase tickets to The Chainsmokers’ tour here.