The Chemical Brothers debut new VR experience

UK producers The Chemical Brothers have been one of the most pioneering and forward thinking groups in dance music over the past 20 years. Up there with the likes of Daft Punk in terms of their achievements, the duo have always been at the forefront of electronic music, whether it was bringing big-beat to the masses in the 90s, or putting on ridiculous live shows today, the group have always managed to stay relevant.

Now the group is back with a new project, this time taking fans on a virtual trip as part of their new VR music video for their track Under Neon Lights from their 2015 album In The Echoes. The VR experience involves a female character who grows up through the course of the music video, while viewers can engage with the environment around them to provide for a truly trippy and psychedelic experience.

Jono Brandel, the developer of the project had this to say: “For me, the song ‘Under Neon Lights’ is about looking past material and mainstream desires and even questioning them, In this world, you need to find purpose and confidence from within in order to thrive. The story and the visuals are direct expressions of that thought.”

You can catch the video below, which also works in 2D.