deadmau5 brings back his revamped LED mau5head

In the midst of his Lots of Shows in a Row tour going across the United States, Deadmau5 has brought back his iconic LED mau5head helmet to pair along with his cube 2.1. The helmet, which has been a feature of his sets for years, has been revamped to pair along with his new cube setup and is as stunning as ever.

After working his way to the West Coast portion of his tour, Joel Zimmerman’s East Coast stops were, unfortunately, missing his LED mau5head. However, just before his Oakland stop earlier this week, Zimmerman received the helmet back, potentially allowing for it to make an appearance at the upcoming stops.

Unfortunately, much to fans dismay, it appears as if LED mau5head has not made an appearance yet during his California stops. With all the impressive production surrounding Zimmerman while he is on stage, it’s easy to say that the mau5head is not needed; the cube 2.1 is simply incredible and possibly one of the most impressive touring rigs produced.

Pairing along with the announcement that he received his LED mau5head back, Zimmerman let fans know that a new helmet will be on its way. Fans can only imagine what his impressive production and technological mind has created…