Dillon Francis teases G-Eazy collaboration release

After a long four years since a fan suggested the collaboration, a Dillon Francis and G-Eazy collaboration looks to be on its way. Initially, Francis and G-Eazy exchanged tweets suggesting that a trip to the studio was in the works. However, despite the promising discussions, nothing came to fruition, much to the fans’ dismay.

While the details of the collaboration are obviously sparse so far, the two Americans could piece together quite the record. Dillon Francis has been venturing more and more into the mainstream of music with his recent records like ‘Anywhere’ gaining radio play around the world. G-Eazy’s rapping style could be a great fix for the Trap/Moombahton producer, piecing high-energy beats with hard-hitting lyrics.

As Francis’ tweet suggests, the collaboration could be just around the corner so keep tuned for more information on the release. A Dillon Francis/G-Eazy record is one that should not be missed.