edMto – Over the Ground (Axns Mix)

Swedish producer & DJ edMto has received a refreshing remix of his track ‘Over The Ground‘ from his label boss – Axns, who runs the imprint label ‘Exns‘. The label is based in London and offers free downloads for all their tracks, which is a very generous gesture from Axns. When asked about the label, he says “Exns is the feeling between rationality and instinct that drives art and our life.”. This is the first release on the Exns label for edMto and has scheduled even more tracks to be released on the label after having talks with the A&R team.

Axns’s rework of edMto’s ‘Over The Ground‘ contains some seriously hypnotic elements. It combines an exciting traditional house bass line with euphoric vocals and follows a fairly similar style to British electronica band Faithless but brings that style in a brand new and slick way. The track has only been out for eight days and has already become the most played track as it has quickly gained over 11,000 views and counting! Make sure you keep an eye out for the Exns label as if Axns keeps putting out music like his remix of ‘Over The Ground‘, there may be many more hidden gems for you to find!

Listen to Axns‘ treatment of edMto’sOver The Ground‘ now in the link below: