Freaks’n’Beatz – Fire

If there is any dubstep producer worth keeping an eye on, he would be the highly skilled Freaks’n’Beatz. The up-and-coming artist recently presented another deadly tune in the form of “Fire“, which effectively showcases the high-caliber talents he undeniably possesses.

Hailing from Los Angeles, Freaks’n’Beatz has emphatically made his mark in this industry especially with his debut single called “Shadows”. With his career kicking off with a bang, Freaks’n’Beatz’ future looks nothing but bright and promising, and his abilities will undoubtedly bring him toward the higher ranks of the electronic music scene.

Inspired by the likes of Afrojack and Skrillex, Freaks’n’Beatz certainly knows how to bring high-octane energy to his productions. After garnering heavy support for the hard-hitting “Shadows”, the rising producer keeps his momentum going with another dubstep track titled “Fire”.

Beginning with a synth buildup, the track instantly captures the audience’s attention and once it starts to culminate, the energy becomes more evident. A short, but deadly, bass drop then enters and delivers a flurry of intense dubstep sounds.

A melodic progression follows and perfectly bridges the two climatic sequences together. Wrapping up the track on a high note, the concluding dubstep drop ensues and overwhelms the listener with its powerful beats and basslines.

We sat down with Freaks’n’Beatz to discuss his latest track, radioshow and his artist profile in exclusive interview, read below:

You’ve just released your sophomore single “Fire”. Could you tell us how the track came to life? 

Fire is an amazing track, filled with powerful and high-quality sounds. I tried to convey my idea of fire as much as possible in this track. For me, fire symbolizes strength and victory. To be honest, this track was born very quickly, like a flames from a fire. I just sat in the studio and by the evening the track was almost ready. If you remember there was a track called “Fire” by Scooter, the night before i began work on my track, I inadvertently heard this old track … there is so much energy in it. So after this moment, I decided that I need to add some fire to the beautiful story about Freaks’n’Beatz.

We see that aside from your productions you’re also hosting a monthly radioshow called “Freaks Army Sessions”. What are you trying to achieve with the show? Any major labels or artists you’d like to host or have hosted so far?

Freaks Army Sessions is a monthly electronic music, Dubstep & Trap radio show (released monthly). All the tracks are carefully selected personally by me. The radio show was launched on January 1, 2017 (the date of the birth of the “Freaks’n’Beatz” project), and since then every show has been released consistently once a month).

The show has a format of an hour mix. The monthly number of listeners around the world has reached 2,000,000. Some segments of the program include the New Track Premiere  – these are exclusive tracks that have not yet appeared on sale, and I try to support all the musicians who send me their promo as much as possible.

Your artist profile very prominently stands out due to its unique branding, could you give a bit of insight behind your branding process?

That’s an interesting question, I’ll try to answer it as short as possible.
As you already noticed, I’m not shy of bright and saturated colors in my branding. Our brand colors on the one hand, lconic and on the other hand challenging and directly associated with the project “Freaks’n’Beatz”.

A little bit about the colors and style in general:

I use only 3 colors:

The main color is Red – symbolizes passionate love, power, fire, war. Light shades of red are exciting, dark gives solidity. The Chinese see the red color as a symbol of luck, happiness, nobility, and the Indians personifies red as life and action.
Psychology: gives a sense of security and confidence in the future.

White – A symbol of light, purity and truth. This is the color of joy and celebration.

Black is the symbol of the night. Since black absorbs all other colors, it perfectly helps to highlight all the details in the visual perception of the Freaks’n’Beatz project, is an impeccable juxtaposition with the white color.

We have worked very hard on the corporate style. I say we, cause about 20 designers from all over the world took part in the process of creating Freaks’n’Beatz. This is a kind of phenomenal brand that has no analogues in the music industry.

In your latest interview with us you stated “I am still growing my freaks army, which is my independent record label”, how is the the process going far? Any milestones you’d like to share with us?

First of all, before answering this question, I want to say a big thank you to the team of We Rave You for showing interest in the project and supporting me and my team. I think that it is very important to help promising projects to ascend to the world musical Olympus.

Freaks Army is first of all my like-minded people and my team. With the release of the second single we already confidently came up with a lot of support behind us. There were only 2,000 people who supported the release of the debut track, now that number is about 30,000 worldwide and we continue to grow. When I say “WE” or “US”, I mean a large army of listeners and fans who have believed in the project from its infancy and do their best to support and help us develop. I want to thank everyone and assure you that I will not let you down, as there are many surprises ahead and the only way is up from here.

I also want to emphasize that no serious project can exist without a team. My team is a cohesive team of 4 people, and some of them are already known:

Danny Freaks, he is responsible for the project management. He is the brain of the project and perfectly combines a first-class manager with a person who loves music in all its manifestations. He is the oldest in our team, so his experience in the music business helps us not make mistakes and go clearly according to plan

Leila Freaks – that’s a little thing, sexy and charming lady (Unfortunately, and maybe luckily it shows up anywhere, just not at work). Leila directs the PR process and God forbid that something she wants goes wrong! Fire in one word = Leila.

James Freaks – Booking agent. The friendliest person I’ve ever met in this world. BUT, he is thorough and meticulous, so I try to communicate with him on SMS. Just kidding. James is very punctual and thanks to him our tour schedule is growing at an incredible rate.

And Freaks’n’Beatz, myself – A DJ / Producer and workaholic. The guy a large number of people believed in. It is very cool.

All these people are united by the love of music and it is for this reason that we decided to launch our label Freaks Army, which will actively support young musicians and open all possible doors to them. Running a label is not an easy process, we need time to think through the whole strategy, so while we are in the process of creating a label, we are also preparing new releases from Freaks’n’Beatz.

Pick one producer you’d like to host in your studio, and explain why 

In fact, I have a lot of talented musicians to date with whom I would like to exchange studio experience and possibly release a joint track. But if I have a framework in the form of a single name, then let it be Skrillex. It seems to me that he influenced the music industry as a whole, and managed to achieve huge successes at his age. I have great respect for such talented people as himself. And of course to find out how he makes such a massive sound would be insanely interesting, I think he’s just as fanatic in the studio as I am. Personally, I’m ready to create music around the clock, it’s a pity that sometimes you have to eat and sleep

“Fire” is now available for download/stream here.