Boiler Room

Google and Boiler Room team up to take VR users underground

Influential for their YouTube channel and streaming live music sessions around the globe in over 100 cities, Boiler Room have taken the next step in online music broadcasting. Teaming up with tech giants Google, the pair is bringing the underground dancefloors to users through virtual reality.

A virtual reality experiment called ‘VR Dancefloors: Techno in Berlin allows users unprecedented access to the underground club culture offering a unique experience. The experience is available for free through the Inception VR app for Pixel, Google’s first phone and Google Daydream users.

‘VR Dancefloors: Techno in Berlin’ captures the bodacious scenes of the techno clubs in the German capital. The experience truly comes to the users through the virtual reality technology, submerging them completely into the live-action party with a full 360 viewing. During the 15-minute Boiler Room set, users can check out the artwork and roam multiple rooms accompanied by new music from Germany’s FJAAK.

The partnership between Google and Boiler Room makes thorough sense. A combination of Google’s latest technology, entwined with Boiler Room’s passion to curate intimate and exclusive music shows makes for one exciting experience.

Take a look below for the preview video or head to and check out their latest streams.