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Jef Miles feat. Tillymint – Black Rose

The Canadian duo of Jeffrey David Harris and Myles Power has returned with another brilliant production. Collectively known as Jef Miles, these two upcoming producers have just unveiled their brand new future bass track called “Black Rose“, which features vocals from Tillymint.

Based in Vancouver, Jef Miles have successfully established themselves in this industry for their dynamic and unique musical style. Throughout their career, Jef Miles have accumulated a vast amount of support for their array of remarkable releases. From the uplifting “Lights” to the magical “Spirits”, their portfolio has been nothing short of impressive.

Describing the meaning behind their music, Jef Miles stated:

“It’s about telling a story through sound and opening up the mind and heart of the listener. We want to create moments that make people feel the love for themselves and each other. Music has carried us through both the downs and ups in life; we want to bring people up to a better place through the music we make”.

 Following their mesmerizing tune “WANTU2LUVME”, Jef Miles have presented another incredible future bass production in the form of “Black Rose”. With its stunning melodies and striking vocals, this track is quite a treat to hear from start to finish. Especially with its astounding future bass elements, this record once again proves the type of talents Jef Miles possess.
“Black Rose” will be released on April 19.