Kidd Ross – Last Night A DJ Saved My Life

Manchester’s Kidd Ross has just returned with a magnificent new record. This time, the English producer unveiled his blissful house production titled “Last Night A DJ Saved My Life”.

Over the years, Kidd Ross has become a household name within the DJ scene, especially in North America and Europe. He has continuously garnered fame throughout his career behind the decks, playing at some of the biggest European festivals and the U.K.’s most renowned clubs among other venues.

Kidd Ross’s work as a DJ, however, does not overshadow his tremendous talents as a music producer. His discography can certainly speak for itself, with high-octane tracks such as “Eclipse” and “Get Loud” listed under it.

Returning with another top-notch release, Kidd Ross recently showcased his versatility with the uplifting new tune called “Last Night A DJ Saved My Life”. Deviating from his signature “electro groove” style, Kidd Ross taps into the realm of house music to produce his latest single.

Right off the bat, the track delivers the euphoric vibes and sounds that make it suitable for any party under the sun. With an impeccable combination of its striking female vocals and astounding deep house elements, this record possesses the high-quality production level that Kidd Ross has consistently provided. Especially with its soothing melodies and catchy beats, “Last Night A DJ Saved My Life” is truly a must-hear track for any music fan.