KSHMR curates a thumping mix as part of ‘Welcome to KSHMR Vol. 8’

For an artist who has been at the helm of Big-Room House ever since his first track officially climbed up the charts exactly a week short of 2 years ago, KSHMR has had quite a development in terms of his own image as an artist as well as a performer. As a performer, KSHMR has invented himself leaps and bounds after he decided to start performing live, apart from producing, in September 2015 at the Fonda Theater, Los Angeles. Since then, he has performed at Tomorrowland and at Ultra Miami Worldstage. As an artist, KSHMR has stood firmly by his iconic sound and has released a myriad of originals and remixes with the same sound that had charmed listeners the very first time. A big part of this has been his ‘Welcome to KSHMR’ series, which showcases the L.A. based producers favorites from his own production desk as well as from the scene. Adding to this very series, he is back with volume 8.

The exiting new mix, which appears a week less than a year after the last episode, undoubtedly has much to offer in terms of music. At 46 minutes long, the aptly curated mix has enough time and space to present to the listener what’s been playing on KSHMR’s speakers. Featuring tracks from Future World Music, Arston, Tom Swoon & Teamworx, Sick Individuals, Jayden Jaxx & Hasit Nanda, Bassjackers, Curbi & Mesto, Bali Bandits and Magnificence among originals and remixes of his own, KSHMR chases a specific sound while curating a mix that draws music from all sides of the spectrum. A powerful mix to provide the listeners with quality music, episode 8 of the mix series only strengthens KSHMR’s claim to fame.

The mix is available is available below for streaming through YouTube.

Full track-list available here: 1001.tl/2l2l8gqk

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