Lane 8 stuns us with latest seasonal mix

Over 2016 and so far in 2017, American producer Daniel Goldstein, better known to the world as Lane 8 has proven himself to be one of the absolute best artists in the progressive house scene. Since setting up his own This Never Happened label and club concept, the producer has gone from strength to strength selling out multiple dates across the US and putting out some stunning releases such as one of 2016’s bests, the dazzling addictive Fingerprint.

Known for his now regular seasonal mixes, Goldstein has built up a reputation for showcasing his favourite contemporary and unreleased music in a fantastic mix built around each season of the year. With March coming to a close it was time for another spring mix, and indeed Goldstein definitely did not disappoint. Putting together a whopper three and a half hour mix for fans to delight their ears on, the new mix explores the depths of Goldstein’s record collection, and gives us a glimpse into the type of tracks to expect from one of his sets. Featuring a number of IDs and tracks from names such as Jeremy OlanderYotto and Khen, the mix is a real treat for fans of proper progressive house.

Catch the full 3.5 hour journey below: