London Marathon: We Rave You Spotify Playlist

The relationship between exercise and dance music is one that is always growing, with more and more people using Spotify playlists to give themselves gym inspiration. There are fewer daunting tasks on a physical level than the London marathon. The 26-mile course around the UK capital is a real test of mental strength and physical stamina, and so to help all those taking part in the endurance event, the time has come to plug in those earphones and let We Rave You take you on an inspirational musical journey with our very own We Rave You London Marathon playlist, available on Spotify here.

Below are a few selections sure to help you through the event, and get you over that all-elusive finish line on the horizon:

Mile 3: Duke Dumont – Ocean Drive
The race is still in the early stages, and you’re feeling good. This  2015 chilled house classic from the Blasé Boys Club head-boy will keep your heart rate low and avoid you setting off at a hectic pace. Remember, as the saying goes, this is a marathon, not a sprint.

Mile 8: Fatboy SlimEat Sleep Rave Repeat (Calvin Harris remix)
Still feeling fresh and enjoying the London sights and the huge crowds around the 8 mile mark, this acid house monster from the one and only Fatboy Slim will keep you buzzing and keep you focused on the job in hand as you approach some of the key landmarks.

Mile 17: Sebastian Ingrosso – Dark River
We are past the halfway stage of the 2017 London marathon, but have no fear for the remaining 9 miles when you hear this absolute banger from Swedish giant Sebastian Ingrosso. The heavy drop will help lift your mood and enable you to smash the next few miles.

Mile 22: Third Party – Live Forever
Legs are starting to ache and you can’t help but think of the finish line. This progressive house masterpiece from London duo Third Party will get you running through walls in their home city as you approach the views of Tower Hill.

Mile 25: Swedish House Mafia – Greyhound
You are one mile from home, Big Ben is in sight, the pain in your legs is intense, and then Greyhound comes on and gives you the boost you need to smash through the last mile. The huge chord-led build-up gives way to an inconic drop that will allow you to sprint all the way down the Mall.

LondonFinish Line! Congratulations… you’ve made it! And who is that in front of you? Mo Farah? Chances are, he was listening to the We Rave You London Marathon Spotify playlist!


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