Martin Garrix launches STMPD recording studios

Martin Garrix has shown great promise over the years and has managed to deliver on every occassion. His exponential growth is unmatched and the prodigy continues to push boundaries, turning his project into an internationally recognised entity. The latest buzz in the world of Garrix news is his takeover of FC Walvisch studio, transforming it into his very own STMPD Recording Studios.

FC Walvisch was formerly located at the recording studio complex at the Wenckebachweg 68 in Amsterdam, which has now become STMPD recording studios. It was originally focused on sound design for creative industries and sectors such as commercials and films. The studio has housed the likes of Pharell, Snoop Dogg and Lady Gaga in the past.

In the coming months, STMPD studio will be receiving a complete make over to follow suit with Garrix’s brand. It will then become home to Martin’s productions and presumably STMPD artists. The studio facilities will also welcome third party producers and will become landmark where hits are born.

For more info, check out their website. Also listen to the acoustic version of Martin’s latest hit below.