Mert Butuner – Follow the Bass

Mert Butuner, one of England’s brightest upcoming talents, has recently dropped a massive festival anthem that has been receiving a lot of buzz around the dance music community. Continuing his progression as an artist and his rise toward the higher ranks of this industry, Butuner has just presented his latest production titled “Follow the Bass“.

The Manchester native first gained success with the release of his track called “Initiation” on one of Eastern Europe’s biggest labels Ensis Records. This single not only proved the production skills Butuner possesses, but also unveiled the musical style he focuses on. According to Butuner himself, his sound is heavily influenced by hard-hitting electro elements, combined with uplifting and emotional vibes.

After the strenuous days inside the studio, the upcoming English producer has now returned with another original record called “Follow the Bass” and the results are truly phenomenal. Right from the get-go, the track sends out an insurmountable amount of energy that would be suitable for any rave environment around the world.

Featuring some heavy synths and powerful basslines, “Follow the Bass” definitely gets the heart pumping and the feet moving from start to finish. Especially with its overwhelming electro sounds and mesmerizing melodic breakdowns, this tune is set to dominate any stage during this year’s festival season.

“Follow the Bass” is now available for a free download here.