Pegboard Nerds & Quiet Disorder – Move That Body

We have all be not so quietly waiting for the new Quiet Disorder collab with Pegboard Nerds after the success of ‘Go Bezerk’ on the ‘Nerds by Nature’ EP, the anticipation was building.
The Scandinavians premiered ‘Move That Body’ on Monstercat earlier this week and it proved that yet another bass hit was on their hands. From the first moment, the intro beat built into the vocals, it has you jumping in excitement for that first build up. The beat drops and although I’m no headbanger I felt the urge grow to do just that.
Quiet Disorder and Pegboard Nerds styles blend so well in this that it’s hard to distinguish the two acts. The beat molds so well with the vocals and synths to give the listener a superb dance floor banger. The title sums up the feel the track gives you. The second drop sends the track into overdrive and if you’re a rail hugger at festivals this will suit you from start to finish.
While the Pegboard Nerds are playing this out on their tour, Quiet Disorder is making inroads into their fanbase and DJ support of the track. The latest one to add it to their playlist on Spotify is the #1 DJ in the world, Martin Garrix. It has been reviewed by other blogs such as ThisSongSlaps and Dancing Astronaut, added to KramerBPM Spotify list on Electro Now where it has already achieved the #1 spot in that playlist. On their Soundcloud alone it received 100k plays in a day which see’s Quiet Disorder as the new kids on the bass block outside their country of Norway.
As their fanbase is growing and the blogs sit up and take notice, there is no doubt this duo will be venturing soon to other shores and undoubtedly will be bringing that bass groove to dancefloors all over the world!