Porter Robinson unveils brand new live edit of ‘Shelter’

Last summer, American producer Porter Robinson released his collaborative track called “Shelter” alongside Canadian musician Madeon. During a headlining ‘Worlds’ live show at the Something Wonderful festival in Dallas, Texas on Saturday, April 22, Porter Robinson played what seems to be a new live edit of “Shelter” that features a revamped instrumental and an added vocal element.

The live edit consists of a different set of synths and structure of vocal chops and beats, while still keeping many of the original sounds. Additionally, this version also presents slightly more energy due to its up-tempo nature.

This performance preceded the final show of Porter Robinson and Madeon’s Shelter Live Tour during this year’s Coachella. For several months, this duo has traveled all across the globe and has mesmerized thousands of fans with their awe-inspiring live sets.

With their own live instruments and some of the most captivating visuals in the scene, the Shelter Live Tour has become a crowd-favorite amongst the dance music community. Despite its conclusion, the tour still wrapped up in an incredible way, considering the magnitude of Coachella as one of the world’s most prominent festivals.

The tour may have ended but Porter Robinson still continues to hone his craft as proven by his recently previewed live edit of “Shelter”. Check out a fan-recorded video of the new edit below.

H/T: Dancing Astronaut