Premiere: Hasse De Moor ft. Mike Jay – Tonight

Young Dutch producer Hasse De Moor has certainly had an impressive career so far, releasing an array massive hits, each one holding an unrelenting power. Following on from the release of his track ‘WORK‘ on Spinnin’ Records last year, he is back  unveiling another massive anthem set to be released on the iconic label tomorrow.

Each of Hasse De Moor’s releases revolves around an immense power, with an intense ferocity that showcases his production prowess. His latest track, ‘Tonight‘ certainly packs a punch, but in a rather different style. Pushing boundaries, Hasse De Moor has experimented with a completely new direction this time, showcasing his ability to adapt his style to different genres. ‘Tonight’ a deep and rhythmic anthem, with Mike Jay‘s vocals providing the perfect compliment to the melody. The track is undeniably suited to a club environment, where the bassline will undoubtedly make this production a crowd-pleaser.

We caught up with Hasse De Moor to discuss ‘Tonight’, his origins, and his plans for the future. Read our exclusive interview below:

Congratulations on your latest track “Tonight”! Can you tell us a bit more about how this track came together and explain us the creating process alongside Mike Jay?

Thank you! About the creative process, the instrumental was actually made a long time ago, like 2 year back. When I went to LA for writerscamps, I met Mike and I played him the track with the original vocals on it. He loved it and from there on we did some rewriting and we recorded his amazing vocals on it!

What would you say is the origin of Hasse De Moor?

The origin of Hasse de Moor lays in Amsterdam! I think it’s a tough question to give a straight answer to but I think the origin comes from freedom.

How has your career changed since you first signed with Spinnin’? How has the journey been so far?

It’s been really good. I was introduced to a huge group of new audience and vice versa. We have a lot more music coming out, I feel very blessed to be working with Spinnin’ Records!

To us, it seems like you are all about pushing boundaries with your latest track “Tonight”. Where is the Hasse De Moor sound going next?

That’s one of the key points I keep in mind when making music, combined with creative freedom. I want to keep expanding and most importantly, keep people dancing with my sound.

Can you tell us what’s coming next for you and your career? Any major projects in 2017?

More music. More shows. More madness!!!

Listen to our exclusive premiere of Hasse De Moor’s upcoming single ‘Tonight’ which is due to be released on Spinnin’ Records tomorrow.

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