Premiere: Jake Sgarlato & Sheezan – Superfly

LA-based producer Jake Sgarlato has been a serious roll as of late. With monster collaborations with Pitchback, REGGIO, and Jakik seeing him catch the attention of the world’s biggest labels including Revealed, Buygore and DimMak, the producer has shown his diverse skills throughout his catalogue of music as he explores a range of different genres. This time he teams up with Sheezan to bring us ‘Superfly’, out now via Sativ Records.

It’s not the first time this pair have teamed up in the studio, with India’s rising star Sheezan co-producing their recent hit “Inside Out”, taking his music to new heights. Not only did the track garner the support of fans from across the globe, it also earned the praise of prominent names such as Lucky Date. Since his early beginnings as a producer at the age of 16, Sheezan has continuously worked to hone his skills and fuse his creativity in his music, and his hard work is beginning to show some impressive results.

“Superfly” is jam packed with energy right from the outset, making for the perfect crowd pleasure at any club or festival. With the ‘modern-talking’ synths combining with the heavy punch of the kick, the drop is complemented nicely by the melodic breakdown. An interesting fusion of big room with a twist of future bass, expect this track to be a regular feature in the upcoming festival season.

We sat down with Sheezan to discuss his inspirations and latest release in exclusive interview, read below:

What first inspired you to create dance music, and who were your early influences?

I heard a track called “Genesis” by “Justice” from their album “Cross” in 2007 & I used to hear the track repeatedly which inspired me a lot for creating dance music.  My early influences were “Justice, Funkagenda, Daft Punk”.

Your latest release with Jake Sgarlato is called “SuperFly” – How did this collaboration come about?

After creating “Inside Out” I sent one “Breakdown” to him which he really liked and he guided me to make it more bigger .Then I took his tips and after few days I sent that “Break” to him. He said killer I’ve one “Drop” in the same key let me play around with it and in this way we came out with one more collaboration.

Speaking of your collaboration with Jake Sgarlato, we’ve noticed you’ve previously collaborated on “Inside Out”. Can you tell us a bit more on your relationship as producers? Do you have any follow-ups in store?

We met online through one of our common friend. I sent some ideas to him, he picked one of them & then we decided that we should do a collaboration & this is how it started.

Looking at your productions in general, “SuperFly”, “Tide” and “Inside Out” – They are quite different productions individually. Is there a change in direction coming from you or are we hearing you try out different styles?

Yes my upcoming projects are quite different from the tracks mentioned above. My upcoming track will be a full vocal track which is “Tropical House”. Right after that collaboration “Progressive” and then again my collaboration with the same style of previous releases. After that again full vocal track which is “Trap” and the list goes on & on & on!

The dance music scene in India has evolved a lot over the past couple of years. Being from India yourself, can you describe what the club life is like there? Do you have any influences that you’ve taken from your homeland?

Yeah exactly the dance music has evolved a lot over the past couple of years here. Many artists are coming up with their music which is really very good for the scene. The club life is really good here, they are bringing many big artists from abroad which helps the new djs to learn a lot from them.

I certainly have a lot of influences from my homeland “Kohra” (Qilla Records),“SHFT (Qilla Records), Audio Units, Hamza (Wind Horse Records) whenever I hear their tracks I always get inspired by them.

Be sure to grab your copy  of “SuperFly” below.