Premiere: Lucas & Steve – Up Till Dawn (On The Move)

With their impeccable fusion of house music with mainstream pop, Maastricht based duo Lucas & Steve have shown their versatility as producers over the past 2 years, when their rise to stardom first began. With a string of releases on Spinnin’ Records proving they have what it takes to make it amongst dance music’s elite, the Dutch duo have dominated the house music charts worldwide, with multiple hits including ‘Love On My Mind,‘ ‘Summer On You‘ along with Sam Feldt & Wulf, and a remix for Lost Frequencies and Felix Jaehn‘s 2015 summer hit ‘Eagle Eyes‘. The duo were originally regulars on Housepital Records before signing for the revered Spinnin’ Records artists roster in 2014. What’s more is that they landed the coveted Beatport award by featuring in the Top 3 House producers list. Eyeing another shot at the charts, they’re back with their latest summer anthem “Up Till Dawn (On The Move)”.

Reinventing a well-known trance melody from the famous Barthezz dance classic, the track is the perfect feel-good soundtrack to your late night summer parties. With smooth guitar licks, infectiously catchy vocals and uplifting chords, we are led to the strenuous drop that floods will no doubt go down nicely on a packed dance floor. With a tropical influence felt throughout, expect this track to become a fan-favorite over the coming weeks and months.

We Rave You recently caught up with Lucas & Steve to explore how the idea for the track came about, and what their plans are for the future. So without further ado, we are delighted to premiere “Up Till Dawn”.

We feel you guys have a very distinctive sound, how would you describe your sound? Also, do you think artists should have their own signature sound or should they always be diverse?

We make house music in the broadest sense possible. Sometimes it’s very club minded en sometimes we feel like making a very poppy track. What all of our tracks have in common is that they’re really energetic and uplifting. I think every artist should make the music he or she is comfortable with. However, it’s highly important to be original in your tracks. You want them to have their own character compared to tracks made by others, but also compared to tracks of your own. Music is always evolving and so is our sound. We only make the music we want to make, but we’re always looking for new influences to make our tracks sound unique.

Your new track “Up Till Dawn” is absolutely spectacular. Could you tell us more about how the idea for the track came to life?

The track contains a melody by Barthezz (‘On The Move’). This is an old trance record. We still have this classic at home on vinyl and we’ve always felt that we could transform the melody into something completely new that was more of a ‘full song’ than a trance record. That’s exactly what we did by adding a topline and doing an entirely new production. When making the track and designing the sounds, we had the upcoming summer in mind. We really hope people will experience the same summer-vibes when they hear the track.

Last summer you’ve made your debut at Tomorrowland and other major festivals, and it certainly seems you’re on the rise to stardom. Could you describe us the journey so far?

Our journey started seven years ago, but got boosted about two years ago when we both decided to produce music and dj as a full-time job. Before that we were both still studying, Lucas ‘Psychology and economics’ and Steve ‘Conservatory’. The year preceding that moment we already scored a couple of big club hits (remixes on Ruffneck – ‘Everybody Be Somebody’ and Red Carpet – ‘Alright’) which also boosted our careers. From that moment on we’ve been dedicating our lives to music, producing on a daily basis and our ‘tour-life’ started.

We started of in the club scene making club tracks and as our sound evolved we also started making radio-orientated tracks with a poppy touch. Our new track ‘Up Till Dawn’ is a perfect example of that. Nevertheless, we will always make an additional club mix, because that’s where we come from.

Speaking of last summer, your collaboration “Summer On You” with Sam Feldt, was certainly one of, if not your biggest release to date. Can you talk about the collaboration and production process behind it?

We’ve known Sam for a long time already. Of course you see each other at festivals and we all live in or close to Amsterdam. We came up with the idea to do a collaboration on a casual night out, having some beers. A couple of weeks later Sam approached us with some great ideas and Wulff’s vocal and from that point on we started the project together. The track was created pretty quickly actually, because we had a great studio-vibe together. We never imagined the track to be this big when working on it at the studio, we just did what felt right and it just happened to work really well.

With dance music as a whole as large as it’s ever been, what are your views on the impact and prospects your generation has had to date?

I think our musical generation is part of a group that has reintroduced house after the EDM hype. We already made house music (in a real broad sense) about five years ago, but all of a sudden people started to call it ‘future house’. Basically producers started to slow down the tempo of their productions and blended EDM/electro house with deep house. Also more organic instruments returned to dance music. I think prospects are that dance music will blend more and more with pop music. This has already happened a lot with deep house/tropical house and also future bass can be seen as an example of this.

What are your plans for the upcoming year? What can we expect with regards to new music? Any tours/festivals scheduled?

There is so much new stuff coming! There will be a lot of new tracks this year, a couple of solo tracks but also several collaborations with Bassjackers and Firebeatz for example. There’s also a big collab coming up with Curbi and Mike Williams. Show-wise there’s also a lot of exciting stuff happening. We’re going to do a bus tour with a couple of (DJ)friends . For now we cannot tell who these friends are and where the bus will be taking us. We’re going to do a lot of big festivals the upcoming months. Not sure which ones we can announce already but there will be tours around Europe, Asia and America.