Premiere: Spinnin’ Sessions 204 Guestmix – Stadiumx

Bringing the hottest tracks and the future hits every week, Spinnin’ Records return with their Spinnin’ Sessions setup to give us a sneak peak into upcoming releases and current chart-toppers. This week they showcase the incredible talents of Stadiumx, a duo that has gone from strength to strength over the last number of years. The Hungarian natives first burst onto the scene through their breakthrough single “Howl At The Moon“, and since then have been catching the attention of both mainstream and house music fans alike, with their distinctive sound and increasingly catchy tracks.

The 204th edition of Spinnin’ Sessions features music from Tiesto, Promise Land, Tim Mason and LVNDSCAPE, to mention a few, whilst the Talent Pool release of the week is Marc Brothers‘ single “Stay Right Here” – a track which caught Spinnin’s attention after pipping fellow demo-submitters to the top of the chart and making them the latest up and coming artist to get their music on the revered label. Whilst equally impressive is this week’s Spotify track, a spine-tingling vocal production entitled “Another Night” by Mike Williams.

With the regular air-time catching on, heads turn to this week’s guest mix from Stadiumx. As we could not let this opportunity pass us by so easily, we made sure to catch up with the duo to gain some insight into their music making process, what their musical style entails, and what they have in store for the rest of the year. In conversation, below:

Congratulations on your latest release “Last Night A DJ Saved My Life”. For this track, you sampled Indeep’s famous vocals. How did this track come together and how was the process working with Muzzaik?

Its a classic that we know and play as a bootleg for a long time so we tried to clear the vocal and make a fresh new 17 release on Spinnin Records! We had to be quite careful of course with the original but we smoothly build the composition around the timeless vocal.

You guys have now collaborated several times with Muzzaik. How would you describe your relationship with the guys? Can we expect another collaboration in the near future?

Well, actually Sully is in Stadiumx and Muzzaik. Muzzaik has been producing house music and touring around the world for more than a decade. Stadiumx was formed in 2013 by Dave and Sully with a different sound. But yes another collab is definitely coming! If it will have another classic sample? Time will tell!

It’s been now three years since your breakthrough hit “Howl At The Moon”. Can you describe us the journey so far? How did you evolve as artists as well as persons?

That was a different time of course and progressive house music was leading the EDM scene at that time, the last few years more genres were popping up which is very good diversification. We are producers first, second, DJ’s, so we like to experiment a lot with all kinds of music.

With your latest releases, you’ve taken a different approach in your music style. In what direction is StadiumX going and how do you want the people to perceive your music nowadays?

As producers we just want to do what feels right, we made progressive house music for some years but before that with Muzzaik we produced pure house music. You always need to re-discover yourself and be innovative! That is something we always strive to do best!

Tell us a bit what you’ve compiled for this week’s episode of Spinnin’ Sessions. What kind of message do you guys want to deliver through your mixes?

It’s a mixture of our new sound and our vision of what’s happening in club music. We’re coming from a club scene background so I guess we’ll always thinking like that as a DJ.

Do you have any interesting projects coming up for 2017 that stand out to you?

Yes but unfortunately we can’t discuss this just yet… But trust us, it will be big and different!

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