Premiere: Spinnin’ Sessions 207 Guestmix – SAYMYNAME

Another week means the release of a brand new episode of Spinnin’ Sessions. Every Thursday, Spinnin’ Records assemble and deliver a one-hour mix full of massive tunes, and the show’s 207th edition is far from different.

Alongside its regularly scheduled programming, this week’s Spinnin’ Sessions also features a gargantuan guestmix from Los Angeles-based artist SAYMYNAME. Following the release of his remix of VINAI and Streex’s single called “Stand By Me”, the trap producer took on the duties of mixing together some of his favorite tracks.

This episode of Spinnin’ Sessions starts off with Hasse De Moor’s record titled “Tonight”, followed by Bolier & Redondo’s “Untangled”, Tom Swoon and Maximals’ “Helter Skelter”, and Tom Staar and Corey James’ “Bird Flu”. The rest of the show’s first half also includes a track from the Spinnin’ Talent Pool, which is Lykov’s “I Have a Choice”, and productions from the likes of Breathe Carolina, Ummet Ozcan, TJR, and Crossnaders.

Following the regular mix, SAYMYNAME takes over and kicks off his guestmix with his upcoming new single with Crichy Crich called “Swerve”, which is set to be released this Friday, April 28 on Spinnin’ Premium. Featuring a brilliant combination of hip-hop and electronic elements, SAYMYNAME’s latest track consists of a vast amount of energy perfect for any festival or club atmosphere.

SAYMYNAME also played a couple of his part releases, such as his collaboration with MERCER titled “Wanted” and his single “Get On My Level”. The guestmix also includes tracks from the likes of VINAI, DVBBS, Junkie Kid, Noisecontrollers, and Wildstylez. With its blend of various electronic music genres from trap to hardstyle, as well as hip-hop, SAYMYNAME’s guestmix is surely a must-listen from start to finish.

In addition, We Rave You have spoken with SAYMYNAME himself to discuss this brand new mix, his motivation behind music production, and his future plans for 2017. Check out the exclusive interview and the official We Rave You premiere of Spinnin’ Sessions 207 below.

Many dub you as the Godfather of Hardtrap. In fact you’ve been at the forefront of this genre for years now and helped bringing it to a broader audience. What was your motivation behind this?

In 2012, my first bootleg remix release of Showtek’s ‘F.T.S’ was the start of the HARDTRAP genre. I’ve always loved hardstyle and trap was influencing my productions at the time so I wanted to combine the two and bring a new sound to the EDM scene. Some of my inspirations including Martin Garrix, Tiesto, Afrojack, DJ Snake, Skrillex, David Guetta, Madeon, Carnage and The Chainsmokers, all have played my HARDTRAP songs on main stages at the biggest festivals around the world. Their support helped the genre grow and reach a broader audience. HARDTRAP is spreading!

Tell us a bit what you’ve compiled for this week’s episode of Spinnin’ Sessions. Is there a specific message you like to deliver through your mixes?

I wanted to give a taste of multiple genres with this episode. I love HARDTRAP but I also enjoy listening to bigroom, dubstep, Psytrance and many other styles. I want listeners to be taken on a journey when they hear this mix.

Since you hail from the LA area and the competition is enormous nowadays, what’s the biggest challenge upcoming producers from Los Angeles face today?

Creating music that stands out from everyone else is a major challenge that I believe producers not only in LA but also all around the world face. There are so many talented artists releasing music daily but only a handful that have created or mastered a sound unique to them. It’s good that there are so many producers in LA now, because it creates more opportunities for different collaborations and friendships.

Let’s talk about your latest Spinnin’ release. You remixed VINAI & Streex’ “Stand By Me” in your signature style. How did this remix come together?

Yes! VINAI had been playing some of my tracks in their sets and we got in contact over twitter. They asked if I would like to remix “Stand By Me” so I took a shot at it and they loved it. I added my signature HARDTRAP sound to the drop to add the intensity to it.

Many producers experiment with new sounds nowadays and tend to drift towards Trap music now and then. Do you think this will lead to an oversaturation just as it happened with EDM 2-3 years ago?

I don’t think it will be oversaturated. When trap hit the EDM scene in 2012-2013 some blogs and artist said it was going to die out back then. Fast forward four years to 2017 and it is still here. As long as artists keep creating more trap sub genres like future, festival, twerk, hardtrap etc. it will continue to evolve.

Do you have any interesting projects coming up for 2017 that stand out to you?

Yes, first off I am really excited for SWERVE to be released. It is so cool to see the Spinnin family support this one. I have a song with Slander that I am stoked about because it is absolutely MASSIVE! Vinai and I are also working on some music together; it will be interesting to see how our styles blend. I am working on an EP to release this year as well as more singles coming.

Listen to SAYMYNAME’s new track “Swerve” featuring Crichy Crich via Spinnin’ Premium below & grab your free copy here.