R-Wan discusses inspiration, future of dance music, and latest EP

R-Wan is currently one of France’s fastest-rising DJ’s and producers. Alongside the likes of DJ Snake, David Guetta, and Tchami, R-Wan has also successfully established himself within the dance music scene and his rise is only getting started.

Known for his electrifying performances and infectious charisma, R-Wan has accumulated a strong following after touring all across the globe. Not to be overshadowed, his prowess in music production has also led him to become one of the most-supported talents in the business.

Having collaborated with the likes of Fatman Scoop and Snoop Dogg for “What The F*ck” and “Turnt Up” respectively, R-Wan’s portfolio is quite remarkable right at first glance. With hundreds of thousands of streams online and praise from the likes of Chuckie and Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike, R-Wan is clearly set up for even greater success in the future.

The French producer also recently dropped his EP titled ‘Noise In My Head’ and in an exclusive interview with We Rave You, he discussed the process behind the production of this release. In addition, R-Wan also talked about his inspirations in music-making, his thoughts on the future of dance music, and more. Check out the full interview below.

What first inspired you to create dance music, and who were your early influences?

Originally I came from the hiphop and RnB music, around 2006 the urban music started to mix up with the electronic music. So like I was resident on FG Radio and i regularly received the electronic promo I was thinking about a club concept and I call it “urban electro”. Then I debut as an open format dj and I came up my first urban electro Album “My Club”. I hit gold with that album then the tracks that followed were more electro, for sure guys like Daftpunk and David Guetta had a great impact on how I see music now.

Talk us through your new 4-track EP and what we can expect from these tracks!

I worked during one year on this EP, I wanted to share the vibe that I play in club and festivals. I share my Electro Style or even my BootyBaze style. The only thing I have added to my previous releases is a so-called more radio/pop song but still in a vibe I feel comfortable with.  I searched for vocals that could tell my story in each song in this EP. Respect to all the singers that worked with me!

How do you see the future of dance music? What direction do you think the sound is heading in?

I think that electronic music has no limit, today the public is adapted to listen 150 bpm or 70 bpm beat and we see it in the big festivals. Since spotify had a huge impact on the way we listen to music it became much easier to discover new music, a whole new source where all genres blend in new excited records.

You’ve previously teamed up with Chuckie – How did that come about?

I performed for the first time with Chuckie in 2015 in Marrakesh during my summer tour, I did the opening for him and after this party we became friends. We were often in touch and we shared a lot of music together. When I released my track with Snoop Dogg, he gave me his feedback and he was very proud of my hard work then we come up with a project to do a collab. For sure one of the guys that inspired me for years!

Being from France yourself, how is the dance music culture there right now? Are artists like DJ Snake & Tchami helping bring French dance music into the mainstream?

Yes dance culture in France has evolved seriously over the last 5 years, we have more festivals and the young clubbers are more reactive to this musical style. First Bob Sinclar and David Guetta had already opened the door for the bring French dance music into the mainstream but Dj Snake & Tchami come up with a fresh style and to a great job.

Your release ‘Turnt Up’ with Snoop Dogg, was supported by the likes of Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike, Thomas Gold, and Sick Individuals – How does it feel to get support from artists like that?

I was already blessed to have Snoop Dogg on collab but to have a support from Dimitri Vegas & like Mike, Thomas Gold was for me a motivation to come out with more music.

Finally, with festival season approaching, what would be your dream festival stage to play on?

Since 2 years now I performed in different festivals,  but my dream festival would be Coachella for sure!

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