Sander Van Doorn

Premiere: Sander Van Doorn – The Rhythm

Juggernaut music producer and Dutchman Sander Van Doorn has maintained one of the most impressive musical portfolios in the industry to date. The genius returns with his storming new track ‘The Rhythm‘ which is a sure testament to the DJ’s raw talent and producing ability.

As a generation-defining artist who entered the music scene over two decades ago, Sander Van Doorn fast became one of the world’s most essential and influential DJ/producers of today. Time and time again his inimitable sound has carved out some of the most prominent tracks that keep Sander’s fanbase ever growing in number. The ‘Gold Skies’ artist with countless other releases under his belt continues to fine tune the perception of what dance music can be.

Sander Van Doorn’s newest track ‘The Rhythm’ is a dancefloor destroyer. Revisiting a techno classic, the track harbors a potent sound that hits all the right places. Centering around one of the most commanding vocals, the energetic track oozes high tempo and electronic prowess.

A filtered down techy groove kicks the track into life slowly revealing itself as the tension builds. Through a brutal complexion of dramatic drum fills and percussive energy, the distorted sound delivers a highly addictive beat. Queue the sustained synth chords, manufacturing the intense and fierce aura which develops the deeper the track takes you. Mesmerizing vocals embody the character of the track as they take you through the unfolding musical journey entwined in the sound. Topped with a mammoth build, the drop sends you headlong into dizzying FX bleeps, ultimately adding to the ecstasy of the track.

Bringing the sounds of the underground, this feisty track is made for those all-nighters. With its highly addictive sound the track will be leaving you to ask yourself, can you dance to ‘The Rhythm’s’ beat? It is a sure sign and easy to see why Sander Van Doorn’s heart belongs to music.

Stream below and give a listen to ‘The Rhythm’ and check here for more of Sander Van Doorn.