Premiere: Spinnin’ Sessions 205 Guestmix – Tom Swoon

Adding to the flurry of stellar mixes heading out from the Spinnin’ Records camp week in-week out, Episode 205 marks another step towards what has been a constantly top notch source of what’s hot and what’s new on the industry’s charts. Adding to that excitement is this week’s guest-mix from none other than Polish production virtuoso and headlining DJ Tom Swoon, who follows suit in the shoes of artists as varied as Oliver Heldens, Nari & Milani, Breathe Carolina, Sam Feldt & Hook N Sling, Will Sparks, Dante Klein among many others. While Tom Swoon had to wait an hour to get his turn behind the decks this week, what’s probably been on his mind for long is the amount of support that his latest track ‘Atom‘ is receiving. The track is a modern fix to the iconic original by Nari & Milani and has been released on Spinnin’ Records as a collaboration between Tom Swoon and the on-the-rise duo of Teamworx.

The first half of the 2-hour mix kicks off with music from the likes of Trobi, Shakecraft, Paige, Sander van Doorn, Jonas Aden, Sak Noel while Quintino & Nervo’s single ‘Lost In You’ marks the perfect hour. Bolier & Redondo’s yet to release infectious single ‘Untagled’ also makes its presence felt yet again. Amidst the mix are this week’s Talentpool winner MIJAST, whose track ‘Yeah‘ has really made the grade among the stiff competition. Spotify premiere for this week is the collaboration from last to last week’s guest-mixers Sam Feldt & Hook N Sling with their single ‘Open Your Eyes‘.

If the first hour leaves you on a high note, then Tom Swoon takes no prisoners about setting the tone for the next by dishing out his collaboration ‘Atom’ with Teamworx. Then on, curating tracks from around the scene, Tom Swoon features music from the likes of Headhunterz, Julian Calor, Sikdope, Florian Picasso, TJR, Don Diablo and Mastrovita among other edits and mash-ups. Not letting go of this golden opportunity at hand, we sat down with Tom Swoon to inquire about things at his end, about his new track ‘Atom’ and what are the thoughts that come to his mind about the industry nowadays. To know more, read below.

Your latest single ‘Atom’ alongside Teamworx has received some immense support in the last couple months, did you guys expect the reactions on the track to be this good?

To be honest, I was not sure what to expect, since we pretty much touched one of the very classics of EDM and the reactions could be so different! But I’m really  humbled to see such a great response and major mainstage support from people like Axwell and Ingrosso or Zedd!

Can you tell us a bit more about the production process of ‘Atom’? What were some of the challenges you and Teamworx faced, considering the original is a modern day dance classic?

I think that the main challenge was to make it sound “current” while keeping the essential sound of the original. We also decided to switch things up a little and totally remodel the breakdown into the acid-y thing, and I believe that worked well!

Throughout your career you’ve had some major accomplishments, including a tour with Steve Aoki, top-tier releases on Protocol and Revealed, and had artists such as Bassnectar and Maor Levi remix your tracks. How has all this translated into your current career path and how does it feel to be one of the most respected artists in the scene?

I wouldn’t say these things gave me a major lift career-wise, but they definitely gave me a strong kick in a butt and motivated me like crazy to push myself harder and continue doing my thing! And it surely feels great now to share the stage and have friends in people I admired through computer screen before!

What are some of your future plans for this year in terms of music, and what directions will you take with your next few releases, seeing as your production style spans multiple genres?

I am sort of taking two roads at the moment – one will stay progressive and big-room, while on other one I will keep exploring some other sounds and more pop vibes.

What is your take on the electronic dance music scene at this time? We see many artists claiming that EDM is dead, and many others crossing over into other genres such as rock or pop, what are your thoughts on that?

The death of electronic dance music is a myth – true, it’s going through a big makeover now, some sub-genres wear out while others emerge, but overall, the electronic music isn’t dying for sure. About rock & pop – actually I wouldn’t call that crossing over, as the lines between pop and electronic are fading and well… can we just call music music?

It is becoming increasingly popular for dance artists to start putting out complete studio and artist albums instead of just singles. Do you have any albums or projects like that in the pipeline?

To be honest, I feel like it’s completely opposite – everyone puts out singles now, and albums are a wise choice only if you’re estabilished well enough, like Chainsmokers for example. Of course, I dream about putting out an album, but only when the time is right. One thing is sure – it will be more than just electronic tracks since I’m actually composing a lot with my guitar.

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