Tiësto’s iconic second album “Just Be” turns 13 years old

In an illustrious career that is yet to call it day, Tiesto’s has had more landmark releases than any other artists can claim of. Be it as the man behind the track, a remix of an original or even under the myriad of monikers such as Kamaya Painters along with the brilliant Benno De Goeij, Gouryella with the fabulous Ferry Corsten and Alibi with the awe-inspiring Armin van Buuren, Tiesto has seen it all, been it all and conquered all that there is to be conquered. One such milestone in this journey was his 2004 album titled ‘Just Be‘ which completes its 13th year since release today. Produced with some assistance from Waakop Reijers, the 2004 album remains one of the many feathers in Tiesto’s highly decorated cap – as it was immediately after the release of this album that Tiesto gave that legendary performance at the 2004 Summer Olympics Opening Ceremony as talked about here.

‘Just Be’ arguably features some of the best works from Tiesto, containing 10 singles in total and collaborations with the then heyday artists such as BT, Aqualung and Kirsty Hawkshaw. The album features two of Tiesto’s greatest ever tracks, to wit: the third single ‘Traffic’ and ‘Adagio For Strings,’ which showcases as the closing track of the album. All an all, a sound piece of advice for anyone heading to turn back their clocks to 2004 would be to begin their session with this extraordinary release that ruled the charts and air-wave across Europe in its days.

You can also check out all the uploads on Black Hole Recordings’ Youtube page here.

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