Triple J broadcast Porter Robinson and Madeon’s Shelter performance

Over a month after Porter Robinson and Madeon finished their Shelter tour in Melbourne, Australia, Australian radio station Triple J have broadcasted a good quality audio recording of the duo’s Sydney performance, allowing those who unfortunately missed out, to hear 48 minutes of the glorious set. The duo also announced that their Melbourne show was their last before their two at Coachella.

Despite fans enjoying this new upload, it hasn’t come at a good time for Porter Robinson. The American DJ/Producer recently had a treasure-trove of old demos, live sets and ideas which weren’t planned for release, leaked online dating from 2011-2014. Despite the following statement from Robinson’s management, he couldn’t have been too pleased;

“Recently, a server was hacked which contained Porter Robinson demos from the years 2011-2014, as well as some more recent live show related music files. The leak contains nothing that Porter is currently working on, nor anything that was planned for future release. The leaked music represents very old demos ideas that Porter never intended to release at any time.”

Porter and Madeon’s collaboration ‘Shelter’, as their tour is called, peaked at no. 16 on the US Billboard Chart, and no. 15 in the Spotify Viral 50. Despite the collaboration being a one-off and their tour ending at Coachella, there’s no reason why it all has to end at that. Could there be another masterpiece from these two on the cards?  Or will fans be left relishing the greatness of what was the Shelter tour?


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