Aaron Kiasso – Feeling

Italian producer Aaron Kiasso is back with another single, this time, in the form of his astounding new track titled “Feeling“.

Hailing from the city of Milan, Aaron Kiasso is one more artist currently on the rise in this industry. At only 24 years old, this up-and-coming talent has successfully showcased his capabilities of assembling some undeniably top-notch productions. Thus, he has garnered a strong following from fans across the globe.

Aaron Kiasso’s résumé can certainly speak for itself, as it presents a series of incredible tracks. Some of his most successful releases include his remix of Avicii’s hit called “Waiting for Love”, his single on Envision Recordings called “Trigger” alongside Akami and Funkybeat, and his collaboration with COOL BROS and Nathan Brumley titled “Olympea”.

Continuing his impressive streak, Aaron Kiasso returns with the uplifting new tune called “Feeling”. Right off the bat, the euphoric vibes are brought out, fitting for any event during the summer. Building up with its stunning melodies and mesmerizing chords, this track instantly brightens up the mood of any listener.

Following its culmination, “Feeling” then brings out the energy with its blissful drop, and with the addition of the catchy male vocals, this record, overall, provides a lovely auditory experience for any music fan.

You can listen to the full track below and grab a copy from iTunes here.