Alex Nocera – Seven

Alex Nocera, one of electronic music’s longstanding DJ’s and producers, has recently made his return with another incredible single. This time, the Italian artist took his talents to Musical Madness to release his house masterpiece called “Seven“.

Since the beginning of his career in 1989, Alex Nocera has achieved tremendous success both behind the decks and inside the studio. As a DJ, he has traveled the world and has delivered many outstanding live performances in countries such as Germany and the United Kingdom.

His work as a music producer is not to be overshadowed either. Throughout his career, Alex Nocera has presented some hit singles such as “The King and the Nursery” and “Daimoku”, which both dominated the radio airwaves following their respective releases.

Fast forward to 2017, Alex Nocera is still going strong and he proves his ground as one of the top talents in the business with his latest record titled “Seven”. With its flawless combination of house, tech house, and acid house elements, this track fits every category that would make it a club anthem.

Featuring a catchy synth line and a heavy bassline, this record possesses an insurmountable amount of energy suitable for any rave environment. Especially with the added vocals and sound effects, “Seven” is quite a dynamic production to hear from Alex Nocera.

Check out the track below.