Bart B More & Chocolate Puma – Rising Up

Both Chocolate Puma and Bart B More have carved out their own niches within the vast array of genres inside electronic music. Now, the two Dutch acts have united in a housy collaboration that combines both Chocolate Puma’s as well as Bart B More’s melodic influences. Their new track “Rising Up” seems to be at home blasting through large festival stages or dark nightclubs alike.

Known for their versatility and prowess in the realm of music production, Chocolate Puma have become household names within the dance music community. These two Dutch powerhouses have released some major festival anthems in the past, including their record titled “Space Sheep” with Oliver Heldens and their single called “Scrub The Ground” with frequent collaborator Tommie Sunshine.

With “Rising Up”, summer 2017 has officially arrived. The track consists of an uplifting beat that will get your heart pumping on the dance floor. The track’s vocals also perfectly mesh with the track’s divine melodies and provide much more energy to the overall song. Spinnin Records is clearly starting off strong into the festival season especially with its recent release of this massive new tune. In addition, “Rising Up” has been receiving full support from other DJ’s and producers, and the fans have expressed their approval of this funky track as well.

As we could not let this opportunity pass us by so easily, we made sure to catch up with the duo to gain some insights into their music making process, what their musical style entails, and what they have in store for the rest of the year. In conversation, below:

Congratulations on your latest track “Rising Up” alongside Bart B More! The track started out as a demo by Bart B More dating back to 2006. Why did you decide to pick it up and release it more than 10 years later?

Thank you, we are also very happy with the track! As you mention Bart B More made the demo more than 10 years ago and send it to us. At that time we didn’t have any inspiration for the track and actually, we all forgot that this demo was on our hard drive but recently we were going through our hard disk files and hear the demo again and we saw the light. We thought it was a perfect time to turn this into a summer disco future house anthem. So we ask Bart to co-work with us on this track and finished it!

What would you say was the main ingredient in order to make the track contemporary again?

That’s really difficult to say as it is not just one ingredient, we just remade the track with the knowledge we have today and the sounds all 3 of us like at this moment.

Throughout your career, you adopted and performed under many different aliases such as The Good Men or Riva. Is Chocolate Puma the final destination or can we expect another turnaround?

A few years back we realized that it was time to have just one alias and make that a brand of itself and release all music we like to make, like Deephouse, Techno, House, Bigroom Bass house, etc etc. We decided to go on as Chocolate Puma and we will continue to do so meaning no other aliases for us anymore. We are CHOCOLATE PUMA 🙂

How did you guys meet? Did you have the same music preference from the beginning?

One of us (Rene) had is own radio show at that time and it was there where we met and decided to make a jingle for the radio show. We start working on that and from then on we made our first track together and never stop doing that. Our music preference was the same from day one and even though we changed our style a lot we still have the same music preference.

While producing new tracks nowadays, is there anything you still pick up from your own older releases?

Not really specific things from old releases, but we learn every day and use that as inspiration to the next track. So if you listen carefully you will always hear some history in our new tracks.

Are there some major projects coming up that you’d like to share with us?

We are making music together for 25 years now, so we gonna do some special stuff this year, but we can not tell to much about that yet, so stay tuned! We are also working on merchandise and are going back in the studio with Firebeatz, Tommie Sunshine and Bart B More anytime soon. Oh and we are working on some nice Chocolate puma solo tracks 🙂

“Rising Up” is out now on Spinnin Deep and you can purchase it on Beatport here.

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