Cash Cash

Cash Cash dazzled at Prysm Nightclub in Chicago this weekend

Cash Cash took over Chicago on Friday night with a spellbinding show at Prysm Nightclub in Old Town. Mounted by React Presents, the Cash Cash show not only showcased their own music, but had a special guest performance by rapper O.T. Genasis. We Rave You had previously attended Morgan Page’s set at Prysm, and Cash Cash’s night at the decks delivered in the same exciting way, thanks to the beautiful new venue.

A regular Vegas fixture, Cash Cash brought their tongue-in-cheek brand of hedonism to Chicago, replete with all the trappings you’d expect of an elite nightclub—lights, video screens, confetti, and fog. Member Jean Paul Makhlouf frequently exhorted the crowed to get wasted and have the best time possible. Clearly enjoying himself, Jean Paul climbed on top the booth to waive Cash Cash flags, emblazoned with their logo and the album artwork for Blood, Sweat & Three Years.

For fans who expected just Cash Cash’s music, the addition of O.T. Genasis created an incongruent interlude to the night. That said, on their album, Cash Cash had a few tracks fusing hip hop with EDM, such as “Millionaire” with Nelly, and the crowd sang every word as they played the track. O.T. Genasis took the mic and rapped a selection of his singles, joined by a massive entourage. Cash Cash were evidently delighted with his contribution, and Genasis himself got into the spirit of revelry and debauchery by passing out a massive bottle of vodka to clubgoers, his diamond encrusted watch a statement of excess—and the upscale luxuriousness that is the Prysm experience.

Photo Credits: @supreet_muppa

Cash Cash embraced an ironic mood the entire night, making the fun factor of their set hard to miss; they played classics of turn-of-the-Millennium dance music like Eiffel 65’s “Blue” and Darude’s “Sandstorm.” Cash Cash reserved their own hits for closing out the set, with the joyous EDM-pop hits like “Take Me Home” with Bebe Rexha, “Aftershock,” and “Surrender” compelling everyone to dance, jump with hands in the hair, and sing along. Cash Cash infuses their music with an emotional quality of an upbeat abandon to happiness—indisputable sonic bliss.

The poetry of their lyrics uses love as its subject matter, an emotion, an experience, of life to which everyone can relate that has inspired talents throughout the centuries. Cash Cash is no exception, and this is best demonstrated in “How to Love” with Sofia Reyes: the lyrics are about her requesting prayers from her lover, set to a captivating melody. Dancing to this track as confetti rained upon us, awash in light, was a moment that no fan should have missed.