Dutch trio Crossnaders and American duo VOVIII release their brand new trap single called "Pound That" on Spinnin' Records.

Crossnaders & VOVIII – Pound That

The dynamic Crossnaders have taken their talents back to Spinnin’ Records to release their brand new collaborative track with VOVII titled “Pound That“.

Crossnaders are yet another successful group of producers from the city of Breda, alongside the likes of Hardwell, Tiësto, and Dannic. Crossnaders have risen toward the higher ranks of the industry after garnering support for their impressive array of productions. From their brilliant remixes to their originals such as “SPCMN” and “Back to Me” with KSHMR, their portfolio has certainly proven the type of high-caliber talents they truly are.

Similarly, Boston-based VOVII have also continued to gain prominence for their incredible tracks, including “Kratos” and “Apache”. As a result, the duo has earned the praise of some of the world’s biggest names such as Borgeous and VINAI. Keeping their success afloat, VOVII have teamed up with Crossnaders for their latest Spinnin’ Records release titled “Pound That”.

With its heavy synths, down-pitched vocals, and deafening basslines, this track is more than capable of dominating a festival stage of any magnitude. Featuring a flurry of dirty beats and massive trap elements, “Pound That” possesses just the right amount of energy to get any listener bouncing and dancing from beginning to end.

We sat down with Crossanders to discuss latest release, collaborating with KSHMR & more in exclusive interview, read below:

Congratulations on your latest track “Pound That” alongside VOVIII. Tell us a bit about the story behind this track and if you put any particular expectations in it?

First of all, Thank you very much. Bob recently found out that Maya, the crosseyed cat from Birma, really hates it when he is in the studio tweaking 808 kicks. Maya looks at him pleadingly, paces around and meows insistently. She even climbs on top of the desk and bites Bob’s wrists in protest. What Bob then discovered was that the biting and meowing only stops by Pounding That Kitty Kat

How has your career changed since you first signed with Spinnin Records for your track “Back To Me” alongside KSHMR?

It definitely has had a very positive influence on our careers up till now. Working with an artist of KSHMR’s stature is a real honour. The dedication of his fan base is a true inspiration to us and keeps us motivated!

How did that collaboration come to life? Were you approached by KSHMR or did it happen the other way around?

There already was a connection with KSHMR as we have mixed and mastered some of his music in the past. The idea for “Back To Me” came about when we heard Mickey Blue’s vocal and we immediately heard it could be a signature KSHMR track! We started with a rough demo and then the track went back and forth until we had the final creation as you know it now.

The current popular dance music landscape seems to evolve into a bass oriented vs. trap oriented playground. What are your thoughts on genre differences?

Personally we don’t care that much about specific genres as long as the story that we tell with our music is an original one build on a solid production.

What can we expect from you in 2017? Where do you see yourself by the end of the year?

We hope we can continue our interstellar journey and reach beyond this galaxy with our music!

Check out the track’s official music video below and you can download/stream it through your preferred music platform here.