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Dirty South premieres new track titled “The First Time” in latest Drift Radio episode

Chiming in with yet another stellar mix for the Dance music community, Dirty South is back with episode #008 of Drift Radio. In an industry where it is almost a pre-requisite to have a podcast/mix, heavy social media presence, and stage gimmicks to qualify as a big artist, Dirty South has all that and much more given the quality of music he brings to the stage. With recent releases such as ‘All of Us’ and ‘Just Dream,’ the Australian record producer has already established his credentials when it comes to quality on and off stage. And adding to that, the latest episode also features new music from Dirty South’s production desk in the shape of ‘The First Time‘ featuring Rudy.

The track kicks off with a typical House beat-work before Rudy’s soothing and mesmerizing vocals takeover and the production displays detailed progression. And that’s what the track is all about, as the track latches on to one melody and it rings out the entirety of the track. While Rudy’s vocal work keeps the listener hooked and humming, it is the brilliant production that has laid the foundations for another Dirty South hit. Along with the premiere, the latest mix also featured music from the likes of Patrice Bäumel, Cristoph, Coyu & Paolo Rocco, Tuff City Kids, Maxxi Soundsystem, Mendo, Yotto and a remix each from Jonas Rathsman and the host himself.

Full track-list is available here.

You can check out the full-mix below. ‘The First Time’ is the first track from the episode.

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