Guaba Beach Club

Exclusive: An all round experience of a lifetime at Cyprus’ famous Guaba Beach Club

For a city ranked 3rd among the up-and-coming destinations for traveler’s choice in the world by leading trip organizing company TripAdvisor, Limassol is also undoubtedly set up to have one of the best Dance music cultures around the world. A port city on the Southern coast of Cyprus, Limassol has all the bragging rights for being the second largest urban city on the Eastern Mediterranean island-country of Cyprus. Sun-kissed beaches, an ever drowning horizon and a culture drowned in festivals such as the city Carnival and the Wine festival, Limassol also stands out to be a city of great cultural importance in the midst of Cyprus. But as things would have it, in 2006 Guaba Beach Club was started with a view to expand the minds of how parties were supposed to be done on the festival, recalls Yiannis exclusively to DJMag.

A prime location, good music and apt accommodation for partygoers – Guaba had it all going. Eventually in 2008, caught in the puzzle of its own exponential growth – the club/bar started with a capacity for 200 ravers but was ultimately courting around 2500 – the setup had to be shifted due to the authorities to a location along the Limassol Sea Road.

Since that time of the year of 2008, the story of Guaba and its organizers have been one of ousting all other locations for Dance music events and pipping all beach-side setups towards becoming one the major players in the Mediterranean festivities hosting the likes of Martin Garrix, Porter Robinson, MOTi, Arnocost, NEW_ID, DubVision, NERVO, Showtek, Gareth Emery, Gabriel & Dresden, Simon de Jano, Jordy Dazz and Fedde Le Grand.


The club was ranked #20 exactly a month and 5 years back and although the rankings done by DJMag have seen the club take up various positions between the 10’s and late 20’s, the club has managed to stick by strongly in a stock of long timers and heavily invested clubs. 2013 and 2014 saw the club cover miles as it was first ranked at #15 and then at its recent highest of #13. 2015 saw the club take a hit and be ranked at #29 but ever since the club has shown resurgence among the rankings and climbed up to #24 in 2016 and #19 a little under two months ago.

But ask the people who visit it in the summer and they will all unanimously tell you that they are Guabians from their raving hearts and souls. The experience alongside the iconic beach location on the Akrotiri Bay is unlike any other and can only be competed with by a handful of clubs in Europe itself. What then sets apart Guaba from others is the artists and attractions that it has in so much so that it is more than just a club – its the decor, its the sunsets, its the music and the Guaba experience.


In the 2012 review of the club by DJ Mag, Shane54 – formerly one-half of the Myon and Shane54 duo – recollects his memory and explains:

“Guaba has a very special atmosphere, something you won’t find anywhere else. Great vibe, nice people, fantastic weather, you can’t ask for more!..Hands down it’s one of the best beach bars in the whole wide world, the perfect place to spend a Sunday afternoon at.”

What more to tell you about the experience than one that comes straight from one of the performers behind the decks. In addition to the natural beauty of the setup, the organizers had improved the club’s overalls in around 2013 with the help of a brand new DJ Deck, a VIP balcony, upgraded sound-system and even scheduled impressive events as the recent ‘Mini Sundays‘ and free Zumba classes apart from having weekday specials.

The decor is, of course, a major attraction and not many do it better than the beach side Guaba club. Assisted by the landscape, the decor arranges the club in such a way that it allows the crowds to have a closer than festivals experience in letting them connect with the artists more closely. The setup is less mechanical than a large number of clubs which are on the DJ Mag lists and the weather also allows the club to be an open space.

Apart from these things, the organizers go an extra mile by adding gimmicks such as Guaba Ink and the famous Guaba Nectar (an alcoholic drink served in shots carrying a mixture of herbs and local ingredients after the organizers looked to go beyond what most clubs do) for the Very Important Guabians. So invested is the club culture in their iconic drinks, that they even held an event titled the Guaba Nectar Cocktail Competition last year.

This Summer

Having already ended last year’s summer season with an exclusive We Rave You session featuring none other than Fedde Le Grand, summers in Guaba are that part of the season where the club serves the Guabians at their best. After performances from the Dannic and Third Party wrapped up in late April and those from YvesV and Ferry Corsten in early May, the summer looks to be set for performances by the likes of Angemi and Corey James in May, ALOK, The Cube Guys, DVBBS, and Roger Sanchez in June, Skazi, Vini Vici, Mark Knight, MarLo, David Gravell, Ruben De Ronde in July and then a legendary end to the spree with Paul Van Dyk, Fedde Le Grand and W&W closing the summer in August.

What’s more is that some of these will be multiple performances with some of the biggest artists of the Dance music industry. Although the Jenia & Mr. Styles opening for Yves V event stands over as it was 2 weeks ago, a lot more is to come in the exclusive We Rave You x Guaba Beach Club partnership as we showcase the following stars of the scene:

04/06/17 Alok w/ Pep & Rash

16/07/17 Will Sparks w/ ACE2ACE

20/8/17 – W&W w/ Teamworx

So if you’re planning for a fun packed summer but still haven’t set your eyes on a destination waste no more time and head to the beautiful city of Limassol and enjoy a quality summer at Guaba Beach club because much like family this is a club which looks after its own.

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