Jordy Dazz releases his single ‘Cluster’ on new label Hybrid Music

Jordy Dazz has returned with another brilliant production in the form of his latest single called “Cluster”. The Dutch DJ and producer has released this track through his newly launched record label named Hybrid Music.

Known for his high-octane and energetic sounds, Jordy Dazz is undoubtedly one of the dance music scene’s most renowned names. Beginning with his early work, including his tracks “Claymore” and “Bitsize”, his portfolio has continuously impressed both fans and producers within the scene and proven the high-caliber talent Jordy Dazz truly is.

Following a hiatus, the Dutch powerhouse made his comeback by dropping his track titled “Stamina” on Musical Freedom and his collaboration with BLOQSHOT called “PVP” on Hysteria Records. To keep his momentum alive, Jordy Dazz has just released his massive new single called “Cluster” on his own Hybrid Music imprint.

Filled with Jordy Dazz’ signature sounds, this track is quite a thrilling roller coaster ride to hear from start to finish. With its uplifting melodic breaks and its roaring climatic sequences, “Cluster” possesses the right amount of energy suitable for any festival or club environment around the world. The production also features a hybrid mix of various sub-genres of electronic music, displaying the incredible prowess Jordy Dazz possesses as a producer.

Check out “Cluster” below as well as an exclusive interview with the Hybrid Music head honcho himself. While chatting with Jordy Dazz, he also talked about his own company named LastBlast, which seeks to provide show elements for events and festivals. From synchronized lights to pyrotechnics, LastBlast adds creativity toward the relationship between audio and visuals and ensures an unforgettable sight for all attendees.

You’ve previously talked about the hiatus that you had taken. What was the reason behind taking the break away from the DJ life?

Mainly the lack of inspiration. For me being a DJ / Producer has always been my main goal in life. I started following this direction ever since I was about 8 / 9 years old. From figuring out how to make my own music on a computer, to being able to get a crowd moving with the music I felt like playing.

I have been touring quite heavily over the last few years, and it all came down to the point I felt disconnected to what I was doing. My experience of playing music in front of crowds changed, I felt uninspired in the studio. It all became a bit “flat” to me.

I knew I had to do something, so I took a step back from it all.

What changes has the hiatus brought to your outlook – towards the ‘DJ life’, your sound and towards life in general?

The biggest change for me is the new company I’ve started with my friend Bart, called “LastBlast – Show Creations” last year. We create custom shows for festivals and events worldwide. From producing specific audio like “Artist-Intro’s” and fully timecoded “Closing-shows”, to the actual show-directing and show-calling at those festivals. The most inspiring thing is that we’re able to work with some of the best technicians and operators in the industry, listening to their visions and combining all those elements into one big feast to the eye and ear. It brings the creative process to a whole new level for me.



Accordingly, my life as a touring DJ has radically changed over the last 12 months. I don’t travel as much, as I do less gigs now.

In the studio I’ve been focusing on sound design and writing scoring-music for the LastBlast shows we create. This new way of working with audio has been a true eye-opener for me.

It showed and allowed me to explore other genres. It gave me back my inspiration to just create what I feel like creating. And it’s the perfect moment for me to finally start my own label.

Congratulations on kicking off Hybrid Music with ‘Cluster’. What are the plans for the label? What kind of music is on its radar and does the label reflect your thought?

Hybrid Music is first and foremost a platform to stage my own music on. Any kind of electronic produced music that is. Besides that, I have always enjoyed receiving unsigned amazing music from aspiring producers. So I’m open to sign anything from anyone that triggers me as a person. If it’s good music, it’s good music.

A new label, a new outlook, new music. What are the plans for your solo releases? Any exciting new music that you cannot wait to share with your fans?

The vision is to release quality over quantity. I have quite a few tracks sitting on my hard drive in various genres which eventually will see the light of day, but Cluster was definitely the one that I wanted to release first. To me it’s a typical Jordy Dazz track; a lot of drive and detail in the groove, a synth-stabbing break and a bouncy drop. After spending a lot of time on the mix and master of the track, I felt it was the perfect track to launch Hybrid Music with.

What’s the best piece of advice you’d give to aspiring producers? Anything you’ve learned from your recent self-exportation and your years of experience in the industry?

Never let other people tell you which direction is best for you. Stay true to yourself as an artist and as a human being. Treat people the way you want to be treated. If you like what you’re creating, nobody should ever tell you otherwise

You can grab your copy of “Cluster” here.