KSHMR – Strange Lands

After KSHMR’s vocal collaboration with TiëstoHarder” suffered a setback last week, the legendary producer decided to drop off a free download instead as a gift to fans. The track entitled “Strange Lands,” is his second official release of the calendar year following “Back To Me” with Crossnaders back in March.

“Strange Lands” is definitely a step in unfamiliar territory for KSHMR as he is mostly known for his big room and electro-house influenced sound. While he still utilizes his iconic Eastern melody along with some Arabic vocals, the track falls under a less-popular genre known as psytrance. This genre is categorized by heavy melodies along with higher-BPM drops and is becoming more and more mainstream in today’s electronic music scene. The first part of the song features some basic drums mixed with the vocals but the second piece of the track turns more complex as he adds several more layers as it leads into a flute and synth-filled trance drop.

As we have scene over his extensive career, KSHMR is no stranger to experimenting with new styles and giving fans something fresh to listen to. This track is definitely sufficient enough to hold us over for another 2 or so weeks until the Tiësto collaboration sees the light of day. 

Listen to the track below and let us know what you think in the comments.