Pilton & Dripice feat. Junior – Way To Go

When two young artists join forces in the studio with the aim of showcasing their talents to the world, the results can often far exceed what may have been expected. And this is a prime example.

UK-based teenager Pilton teams up with Danish youngster Dripice to bring us a summer hit in the shape of “Way To Go”, featuring the soothing vocals of Junior. It is not the first time these two have teamed up, having reaped the rewards of their feel-good, uplifting collaboration entitled “Santa Monica” towards the end of 2016. And whilst their first Avicii-esque collab may have had you longing for sun and sand during its release in the midst of a cold winter, this latest couldn’t be better timed with the upcoming summer adventures lying right around the corner.

Combining acoustic elements with atmospheric synth work right from the outset, the rejuvenating melody leads us to the pristine drop. Catchy and colourful, the drop introduces the sliding lead synth which is expertly underpinned by a punchy plucked bass line, with Junior’s vocals adding an emotive touch. This track will work perfectly at a chilled pool party or on a late night summer drive, so let’s hope for more upcoming music from this talented pair.

Grab your copy of “Way To Go” for free now.