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Premiere: Spinnin’ Sessions 211 – Sophie Francis

Young Dutch producer and DJ Sophie Francis has certainly been making her mark on the scene, rising through the ranks at high speed, she is undoubtedly an unstoppable force in the industry. Ahead of the release of her brand new long-awaited single ‘Lovedrunk‘ on Spinnin’ Records this Friday, Sophie Francis is the mastermind behind this week’s Spinnin’ Sessions guest mix.

As you would expect, the guest mix is an energy-fueled masterpiece, including both iconic anthems as well as brand new music. Showing off her talent, Sophie Francis has put together an absolutely breathtaking mix, featuring a wide variety of releases both old and new.

The guest mix begins with a high-power mashup of one of Sophie Francis’ own hits ‘Without You‘ x ‘Rhythm Is A Dancer‘, followed up by Diplo & Autoerotique‘s ‘Waist Time‘. Another notable inclusion is Ummet Ozcan‘s mashup of Lucas & Steve‘s ‘Calling On You‘ x Don Diablo‘s ‘Switch‘, making for an absolutely unbelievable combination. The mix finishes with Sophie Francis’ superb brand new single ‘Lovedrunk’, which features addictive vocals alongside a euphoric drop.

We sat down with Sophie to discuss her latest single “Without You”, signing with Spinnin’ and future plans in exclusive interview, read below:

“Without You” marked the first single you released on Spinnin Record’s and your journey has been incredible since then. Tell us how the collaboration with Spinnin came to life?

Well, actually the journey already went wild before I signed with Spinnin’ 🙂

I released 7 tracks in different labels before, during 2016. In the spring-summer of 2016 I started to get some attention with an exciting tour, using my school holiday J I played festivals for 35k people, also some of the best clubs ranked top10 by DJ Mag, sharing shows with super cool artists and even playing a spontaneous back 2 back with Martin Garrix. It was such an amazing experience!!

At the end of summer, I had my single ‘Walls’ in the playlist of the most important radios in The Netherlands, also scoring a ‘Dance Smash’, including that record as one of the ‘Dance Hits of 2016’ in a Sony Music compilation.

By the end of 2016, all the top labels contacted us with their offers, there was a lot of interest. That was amazing, seeing the results of the hard work during 2016 being totally independent! J

In January of 2017 we decided to go with Spinnin’, because we really like their team, their philosophy and because is the best dance record label in the world J That was a dream coming true for me.

With Spinnin’ I think we are a great fit, because of their philosophy supporting young and upcoming artists; Also the personal relation is essential, and the artistic freedom. They are so supportive and open minded to new ideas.

Among others, you are often dubbed as one of the most promising upcoming artists from camp Spinnin’. Does that put pressure on you, and if yes, how do you deal with it?

Thank you. Its cool to be seen as a promising artist J I don’t consider myself coming from camp Spinnin’, and having to feel pressure or competing with any other artist J I was having my own trajectory already, doing my own thing, in a relax way, and joining Spinnin’ family is super cool… to work together with such a nice team is awesome. That fact is just joyful and positive. I just finished school last week, and now I can spend all my time on my music to keep growing and improving as an artist.

How would you describe the typical Sophie Francis sound?

How to explain… How I sense music, when I produce it and when I play it.

Music creates emotions, feelings, brings you memories alive. It gives you energy, motivation, it connects people. Music is THE universal language.

If you ask me for describing my sound, I can’t define it as only one style, because I don’t think about music by styles, but by the feeling that it brings you. So when I am working on my music, I like to co-work with different writers, different backgrounds, and we blend all kind of sounds that make me feel good. House, Pop, Progressive, Electro, Tropical, Urban, Bass House, Future, Trap, even Hardstyle… J I think the combination is what makes it better. And of course, always with a positive and energetic vibe, just the way I usually feel.

Coming from the Netherlands, where the competition among upcoming producers is extremely big, what would you say helped you the most in order to gain attention and make a name for yourself in the industry?

I think it is how passionate I am about everything I do. For me making music and playing music is all about connecting with people, bringing a message, inspirational, motivational, mostly cheerful, bringing it with lots of good energy feelings and fun. And I think that those emotions and energy that I feel, people feel it too!!

Also I think that a lot of young people can relate to me because I was still in high school when it all started, and we have many things in common. We connect well!!

Beside that I was lucky to have a manager who believed in me from very early moments, when I was 16, and supported me and gave me the right direction. We have a team that I fully trust to help me with my career.

Tell us a bit what you have compiled for this week’s Spinnin’ Session. Is there a specific story you like to tell through your mixes?

As I explained above, how I sense music, based on the emotions, the feelings, the energy that it brings you… I selected and compiled the music for this Spinnin’ Sessions based on bringing you into an energized and good mood!!

Where do you hope to take your music and your brand in the coming years?

I’d love to reach and connect with as many people as possible around the world through my music and shows.

Since this summer that I finished school, I’ll dedicate to produce more and more, also to play instruments to grow as a musician, and to travel the world sharing music and good moments with people from all continents!

Listen to the exclusive We Rave You premiere of Spinnin’ Sessions 211 below.

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