Premiere: Spinnin’ Sessions 208 – Fedde Le Grand Guestmix

Another week means another fresh new episode of Spinnin’ Sessions, and the 208th edition give us a sneak peak into upcoming releases from the esteemed label, alongside the current chart-toppers. This week they’re showcasing the talents of a man who needs no introduction, and who has long been associated with nothing but quality music – Fedde Le Grand. The Dutch DJ has had a career that many can only dream of, and has performed standout sets at Main Stages around the world, including Tomorrowland, Ultra Miami and EDC, as well as discovering and supporting new talent through his Flamingo Recordings record label. Carrying on this positive momentum into the summer, We Rave You is delighted to premiere his Spinnin’ Sessions guest mix.

Having recently reached their landmark 200th episode, the 208th edition features music from the industry’s biggest names including Tujamo, Mike Williams, and Lucas & Steve to name a few. Whilst the Talent Pool release of the week is VITIZE & Draco’s uplifting collaboration “Best Time” – a track which caught Spinnin’s attention after pipping fellow demo-submitters to the top of the chart, making them the latest up and coming artists to get their music on the revered label. Equally impressive is this week’s Spotify track from Brazilian mastermind Alok, who teamed up with Bhaskar to bring us their Narcos inspired “Fuego”.

With the regular air-time catch up out of the way, heads turn to our this week’s guest mix from Fedde Le Grand, and he did not disappoint. Bringing his usually hard-hitting groove to the forefront once again, he even dropped an exclusive ID, as well as an unreleased mix of his iconic anthem “Put Your Hands Up For Detroit”. His most recent release “Dancing Together” is also featured, in which he showcases his new tribal, tech-house vibe. Overall, this mix will provide the perfect soundtrack to get you seriously pumped for your next night out.

We sat we down with Fedde Le Grand to discuss his latest release “Love’s Gonna Get You”, trends in the dance music scene and more. Check the exclusive interview below:

Congratulations on your latest release “Love’s Gonna Get You”. How did this track came together and how was the process working with D.O.D?

It was actually D.O.D who came up with the initial idea, when he hit me up to see if I’d like to collab on this I immediately knew something was there. It took quite a few hours of fiddling in the studio to get it to connect, a lot of sending back and forth…in the end I think we both are absolutely psyched with the end result. You create a record like this with the floor in mind, and it really works massively on any dance floor, whether it’s a festival or a more intimate club setting, the record just sets the vibe right each time!!

A label owner yourself, what do you think will be trendy throughout the upcoming festival/summer season?

I think it’s pretty much all about solid house grooves so it’s very much back where I want to be 🙂 There are so many great records out there and I think the climate is very open to pretty much everything, personally I think it’s a very inspiring time to be in the studio.

What’s your opinion on artists who have changed their style radically in the past couple years?

I’m not sure if I really have an opinion there. Personally I’ve never allowed myself to be pigeonholed too much, my musical interest is way too broad to be creating a too narrow gimmicky kind off sound if you know what I mean, I’d basically just get bored. When it comes down to it, I think being an artist is all about reinventing yourself and I think no one can decide for you what’s the right way of doing so.

Tell us a bit what you’ve compiled for this week’s episode of Spinnin’ Is there a certain message you like to express through your mixes?

What I think is most important about my sets and radioshow is that I need tracks to groove! These days there’s a big variety of house music music out there and I love them all, as long as the tracks have a hard groove. For instance, a lot of Chris Lakes’ tracks are funky and melodical, but work on the dancefloor as in my radioshow. The same goes for some of my own tracks, including Love’s Gonna Get You wih D.O.D. In short, if it doesn’t groove, I don’t like it 🙂 If a track doesn’t get met me moving behind the decks, it’s just not for me!

When you produce tracks like “Dancing Together”, which obviously caused sensation before it even got released, do you sometimes expect something extra after it gets released?

I usually don’t try to have any expectations really as somehow records that are close to me personally aren’t always the ones being received the best. When a record does have a bit of an extra personal connection and it gets received with the same amount of love, I have to say that definitely is something extra special. At the moment I have a very big amount of records laying and I’m pretty much ecstatic about all, so hopefully the reception will be as good as for Dancing Together and Love’s Gonna Get You 🙂

Do you have any interesting projects coming up for 2017 that stand out to you?

I’m excited about everything! I’ve surrounded myself with some new partners pretty much across the board, I’ve got tons of music laying and I’m just ready to have a good time touring and showcasing all new stuff!

Fedde Le Grand will be joining the likes of Steve Angello, KSHMR, Martin Solveig and many others for the sophomore year of the Croatian heavyweight Black Sheep Festival which will take place at the Island of Pag at the end of July, be sure to grab your tickets here!

Check out the full mix and track list in all its glory below.