Premiere: Yuga & RoyTson – Robyn Fly

With what’s turning out to be another great year for Kaisen Records, another record in their shelf seems like an appropriate way to landmark their third summer running. Started by Italian DJ and House Producer Yuga, the record label has released tracks from the likes of Mark, Etto, TeoTy, RiverBros, Mr. Saccardo, Leandro Da Silva, Paul Jockey, Gary Caos and Yuga’s fellow Italian DJ and frequent collaborator RoyTson.

After collaborating with the label head-honcho on ‘Untz‘ and ‘Stars On 45,’ the two are back with yet another potential laden track titled ‘Robyn Fly’. With no intention to chase perfection, the track embodies the label’s ethos of choosing innovation and chasing vibes instead of vying for the perfect mix. An essential record to any label that boasts of housing House music, ‘Robyn Fly’ is the book that shouldn’t be judged by a cover. 

An upbeat and chirpy track from the very get-go, ‘Robyn Fly’ is essentially the track that is bound to rule all the radio-waves across beaches in Europe. A track deeply entrenched in the White Isles and beach-side House music scene that gives it a platform, ‘Robyn Fly’ is one that sets the tone for the summer.

It would be unjust to say that Yuga and RoyTson, the two Italians behind this stellar production, have outdone themselves in comparison to previous releases because the previous ones deserve the same recognition. If anything, then it should be accepted that this track fits along nicely with their previous collaboration because they recognize what the label is all about – accepting that the perfect vibes don’t exist but the real art is possessing the zeal for perfection.

An assured hit to add that extra flavor to your parties, ‘Robyn Fly’ is the House track that we’ve all been missing in our playlists.

The track is available for a quick purchase through Kaisen Records’ Beatport here.

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