Skrillex and Chris Lake team up for house compliation HOWSLA

Skrillex leaves dubstep behind by joining forces with Chris Lake on their house music compilation HOWSLA, a pun based on the label OWSLA.

Twelve tracks of funky house beats feature a bevy of collaborators—Skrillex brings back Sirah from ‘Bangarang‘, a track that helped put him on the map, for the new track ‘Daddy‘. JOYRYDE makes an appearance with the track ‘New Breed‘, whilst Autoerotique features on the meandering ‘Bling‘.

Skrillex’ own ‘Chicken Soup‘ makes allusions to his dubstep origins by capitalizing on a dub house sounds, complete with dissonant synthesizers. The highlights of the compilation are Chris Lake’s contributions, from the fun funk of opening track ‘Operator (Ring Ring)‘ to the zany house of ‘I Want You.’ The overall vibe of the album is delightfully eccentric yet thoroughly rooted in house music.

HOWSLA also will establish a residency at Le Jardin in Los Angeles, with a spate of Sunday night shows running from Memorial Day to Labor Day weekends. The OWSLA brand will also introduce HOWSLA-themed merch just in time for the shows, available on their website and at the merch booths.

HOWSLA Le Jardin Dates:

Week 1: Sunday May 28th

Week 2: Sunday June 4th

Week 3: Sunday June 18th

Week 4: Sunday July 9th

Week 5: Sunday July 23rd

Week 6: Sunday August 13th

Week 7: Sunday August 27th

Week 8: Sunday September 3rd

Listen to HOWSLA below to discover your favorite quirky house track from Skrillex and Chris Lake: