SuperJet – Forward & Beyond feat. SIRMA

Rising talents Superjet are the latest producer-duo emerging from the U.S., as they present their first release of 2017 in the shape of “Forward & Beyond” featuring SIRMA.

New York natives Ben and Spencer are fearless upstarts, determined to put their own stamp on the dance music scene, as they take inspiration from the frenetic energy of the city that surrounds them. With a string of new music planned for the upcoming summer season, this track will no doubt propel them forward as their career looks set to soar to new heights.

“Forward & Beyond” features a healthy dose of melodic bass, soaring synths, and a delicate piano line, that combine perfectly with the inimitable vocals of SIRMA to create a euphoric and emotional atmosphere throughoutWhilst the electronic music scene has seen a large influx of future-bass style tracks, this one stands out above the rest with its infectious lead melody that cascades into an incredible climax, guaranteed to leave the hairs on the back of your neck standing up.

This track will work perfectly at a pool party or on a late night summer drive, so we can’t wait to see what else this talented pair have in store in their upcoming releases.

Be sure to grab your free copy below, and keep an eye out for these rising stars.