Watch as deadmau5 prepares for first show as techno alter ego “testpilot”

Joel Zimmerman, better known as deadmau5, has always had a love for techno music and it’s a genre that is solidified in his roots both as a music producer and a performer. The mau5 often plays out the genre in his live sets, radio shows and mixes such as his BBC Radio 1 Residency. The “testpilot” techno moniker has been around since 2013, where Joel played a legendary b2b set with Richie Hawtin. Zimmerman took it ‘one deeper’ over the weekend, headlining Detroit’s Movement Festival as testpilot. Needless to say, his set received positive reviews from fans and critics alike despite a few technical difficulties. And for those looking to listen to the set, it appears we shall be hearing it really soon!

In the days leading up to headline performance, deadmau5 took to Twitch as he normally does; where he showed himself preparing for the tespilot gig. A devoted fan captured a warm-up mix from the livestream where Joel played out 5 romping tunes that had viewers hooked instantly.

In the tracklist we hear tunes like Lucy‘s “Cannon Fodder“, Raxon‘s “Sin Control” and even deadmau5′ (as testpilot) production, “Headroom”. Check out the minimix below.

The testpilot performance didn’t go as smooth as we’d hoped but Joel managed to make the best out of an unforseen situation. Watch deadmau5 stall a techno hungry Detroit audience through his usual comedic charm below.