ZHU – Intoxicate

The enigmatic producer ZHU released a new single “Intoxicate” yesterday, which continues to conjure up the darkness he imbued in his other singles, and blending deep house, minimalist techno, and acid house.

Intoxicate” follows his remix of the Gorillaz’ track “Andromeda” from their new album Humanz, and was premiered at this year’s Ultra Music Festival in Miami. Part of an overall project that began with “Nightcrawler,” the new single furthers his exploration of film noir themes with the fittingly-dark video teaser portraying the artist destroying mannequins with a saw.

He even closes the single with an electric guitar, fading out the beat and the vocals, leaving only the guitar to end the track on a lonely, perhaps, melancholic note, like walking through an alleyway alone. The lyrics compare love to drug use, and the vocals themselves begin filtered through a vocoder, before using the distortion typical of deep house.

From the outset, ZHU has branded himself with mystery, formerly refusing to give much attention to his own identity, and now using mystery with his promo. His current project will culminate with a special performance in New York called Blacklizt, a warehouse party on June 24 with sparse information which serve to continue the themes of mystery and darkness. Don’t forget, fans wishing to win a performance slot at Spring Awakening Music Festival can submit their own remix of “Nightcrawler” to enter.

Listen to “Intoxicate” below: