Swedish House & Techno DJ/Producer Adrian Lux has returned with another stellar remix for his track 'All Aloud'. Listen to it here!

Adrian Lux – All Aloud (Adrian Lux Remix)

Swedish house & techno DJ and producer Adrian Lux has returned with another stellar remix, this time, for his track ‘All Aloud‘. Adrian Lux, whose real name is Prinz Adrian Johannes Hynne, has previously produced excellent remixes for tracks such as ‘Into The Light’, ‘Dust’, and ‘Tell Me Twice’.

The track starts off with a thumping kick and a heavy bassline. Gorgeous trance-like synths and ambient plucks, complimented by pleasant reverb-drenched vocals, ring throughout the song, giving it a lovely calming vibe. Adrian Lux makes great use of the phrase “less is more” in this remix. Despite a minimal number of elements in the song, they combine to create an excellently unified song.

Lux’s most successful album, the self-titled ‘Adrian Lux’, was released on Ultra Records, and had tracks such as ‘Teenage Crime’, Boy’ featuring Rebecca & Fiona, and ‘Alive’ featuring The Good Natured all charting well across the globe. Adrian Lux has also received numerous nominations for his work at the Grammy Awards in Sweden. Such nominations include ‘New Artists of the Year’, ‘Producer of the Year’, and ‘Electro/Dance of the Year’. Lux is also set to start a short tour of Scandinavia and North America on July 30.

Feel free to listen to Adrian Lux’s newest work below, and be sure to support Adrian purchase it here.

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