Armin van Buuren – Sunny Days (feat. Josh Cumbee)

Armin van Buuren has grown from strength to strength when it comes to his productions, broadening his horizons and capabilities every year. In amidst the early days of the summer, Armin has began producing for the hot weather again and there is no better song to represent that than his new song ‘Sunny Days‘. The track features gripping vocals from Josh Cumbee and in my opinion, there is no better fit.

Sunny Days‘ starts off with an acoustic style, combining strong grand piano chords with dreamy guitar play before Josh’s warm vocals come in so slick and naturally. The track later progresses into the main chorus, which adds more of an electronic sound as solid bass lines kick in as well as Josh’s vocals being chopped up to make it even catchier. Armin Van Buuren has revealed that this track was made over a multi day studio session in Los Angeles which explains where he got most of his inspiration from.

When speaking about the track, he said:

Sunny Days was inspired by summer and all the great things that happen this time of year. So many bright days, warm nights and some of the best dance music festivals take place during these months. I hope all fans will enjoy it as much as Josh and I do!

Check out the full track here: