Benny Benassi’s iconic “Satisfaction” turns 15 years old

This might make you feel very old but Benny Benassi’s legendary anthem ‘Satisfaction‘ has recently just reached its 15 year anniversary as it was officially released on June 12th 2002. For those of you that think you haven’t heard the song before, its highly likely that you’ll recognise it once you listen to the link below, especially when the iconic robotic vocals kick in saying “Push me, And then just touch me, Till I can get my, Satisfaction” alongside one of the most catchiest bass lines in the history of dance music.

Surprisingly this was Benny Benassi’s debut single, breaking him into the dance music scene and was also one of his most successful singles as it peaked at number two in the UK charts as well as bursting into the charts in other European countries including France, Belgium and the Netherlands. It was also the lead single from his album ‘Hypnotica‘ which gained a lot of attention, especially from France where it hit the top five in the album charts.

Since the legendary track was released, Benny Benassi has gone on to work with heaps of hugely successful and talented artists including the likes of John Legend, Chris Brown, Serj Tankian (Lead vocalist from System Of A Down) and Laidback Luke.

Enjoy its anniversary by giving yourself a listen of the track itself below: