French DJ and producer David Guetta announces his massive remix of Bruno Mars' critically acclaimed song "Versace on The Floor".

Bruno Mars – Versace on The Floor (David Guetta Remix)

French producer and DJ David Guetta and American singer and songwriter Bruno Mars have just announced a brand new remix of the critically acclaimed song “Versace on The Floor“.

The original track is the third and most recent single from Mars’ platinum-certified studio album, ‘24K Magic‘, and has successfully earned its play time in several radio stations worldwide. The official audio stream of the song on YouTube has also accumulated over 119 million views.

“Versace on The Floor” recently received an official remix from David Guetta, who is coming off the release of his massive collaboration with Justin Bieber on the track “2U”. On Monday, June 26, the electronic music producer debuted the remix during his performance at Ushuaïa Ibiza.

Alongside Mars’ distinctive and alluring vocals, the remix features a catchy beat and a rhythmic bassline that blends alongside a subtle melody. Additionally, some synthesized electronic breaks and robotic vocal samples are presented, overall providing a soothing listening experience and showcasing a seamless fusion between Guetta’s instrumentals and Mars’ vocals.

Describing his work behind Mars’ hit single, Guetta stated:

“I’m super proud that I had the opportunity to work with Bruno Mars on ‘Versace on the Floor.’ It is more than a remix; it is a collaboration and combination of different worlds together. My goal was to make it more dance and DJ friendly, but still respect the music that he came with, and keep the song and his voice in tact because it’s so beautiful. I hoped to create something that would not just be for one community, just like Bruno makes quality music that speaks to a wide audience. He’s really a next level musician and songwriter. I knew that already, but by working on his music I realized it even more so.”

Check out the official audio for David Guetta’s remix of “Versace on The Floor” below, as well as Guetta’s debut of the track at Ushuaïa Ibiza. You can download/stream the remix here.