American production duo LuxLyfe present their progressive house remix of The Chainsmokers' original track titled "Bloodstream".

The Chainsmokers – Bloodstream (LuxLyfe Remix)

American producers LuxLyfe have returned with another magnificent remix to continue their impressive streak of releases. This time around, they fuse in their signature progressive house sounds to The Chainsmokers‘ original track titled “Bloodstream“, which took part in the album ‘Memories…Do Not Open‘.

LuxLyfe first gained recognition for their debut single called “The Rise” and since then, these two talents kept rising toward the higher ranks of the industry. The Charlotte natives followed up their inaugural track with a couple of more remarkable releases in the form of their remixes of Bassjackers’ “Fireflies” and Borgeous and BRKLYN’s collaboration “Miracle”.

Last month, LuxLyfe also dropped their most successful remix of XYLØ’s “I Still Wait For You”. With over 120,000 plays on Soundcloud and countless support from fans, this track certainly placed the spotlight over LuxLyfe and gave them the momentum they needed heading into the release of their latest remix of The Chainsmokers’ “Bloodstream”.

LuxLyfe’s rendition delivers a stunning combination of a chord progression with The Chainsmokers member Drew Taggart’s vocals. Alongside a hard-hitting beat and some additional melodies, the track culminates toward the astonishing, progressive house-inspired drop. Featuring a flurry of heavy synths and basslines, the climatic sequence packs a strong punch that would more than likely energize a crowd of any magnitude.

The remix is out now and you can grab a free download here.